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Here Is the Left's Idea Of the "Fairness Doctrine"...

DU Looks Into Their Idea Of the Future Utopia:

(One of ersatz geniuses at DU has penned his idea of the type of news broadcast announcement he wants to hear in the future... YOU wanna live in a world like this? See how, not only is a level playing field not in their mind's eye, they have to skew things totally in their favor before they think things are 'fair' .)

President Gore Signs the Media Accountability Act - June 2, 2009

AP: In a Rose Garden Ceremony yesterday, President Al Gore signed the Media Accountability Act, legislation designed to bring back fairness and accuracy to the media as part of President Gore's "Changing the Marketplace of Ideas" initiative.

The Legislation, co-sponsored by Senators Al Franken and John Kerry would lay out stiff fines for "lies, personal attacks, and outright slander" coming from media pundits and journalists according to White House Spokesman Sam Seder. Fines ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000 would go directly to the Public Financing of Elections Fund, created last month with passage of the Public Financing Act of 2009.

Vice President Barack Obama called the legislation "long overdue". Secretary of State Bill Clinton, traveling in the middle east with National Security Adviser Valery Plame Wilson, praised the bill, wishing it had passed some 20 years earlier.

Attorney General John Edwards said he was already making plans to create a Media Fairness task force in the Department of Justice.

Senator Franken said he was looking forward to listening to the Rush Limbaugh show and watching FOXNEWS later that evening. He was quick to point out that any media outlet claiming they were "fair and balanced" would pay double fines. (LSK)

Gott in himmel! Would you LOOK at that cabinent?

--Val 'My-Life's-A-Secret-In-Vanity-Fair' Plame as National Security Advisor?
--B. Hussein Osama as Vice President?
--John 'Silk-Pony-In-An-Ambulance-Race' Edwards as Attorney General?
--Al 'My-Last-2-Jobs-Didn't-Go-So-Well' Franken as Senator?
--Al 'I'm-Fatter-and-Hotter-Than-the-Planet-Earth' Gore as President?
--Bill 'Can-I-Do-YOUR-Secretary?' Clinton as Secretary of State?
--John 'I'm-Still-Here-Before-I-Wasn't-In-Cambodia' Kerry as Senator?

A more thorough rogues gallery of thieves, thugs, dissemblers, users, flim-flam men and women I've never seen! Read R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.'s Book "The Clinton Crack-Up". If the Clinton presidency was 100 days long, it's fair to say that BOTH Clintons spent 85 of those days ethically challenged, scamming Americans, selling favors to the highest bidder, engaging in the lowest conduct, and perpetrating the worst abuses of national office ever seen!

Now, with this smarmy bit of faux legislation--penned by one of the hippy dipsticks at DU as the Road To Glory--he wishes to shut up the very people who did little enough to call the Clintons on all their chicanery while they were in office and afterwards. Doesn't it just figure that they want every scrap and morsel of slight-of-hand, shell game, and out-an-out thievery done by them thoroughly swept under the carpet?

Yes, 'restore' that deluded jackass Gore to the office that was 'stolen' from him and then, dontcha know, the Islamic threat will disappear like so much Edwards' hair spray! Why, we'll have Camelot back again! (Of course, they won't quite be able to raise Bobby from the dead, but Gore 'is the next best thing' (I jist know it, 'cause Bubba said so!)

This 'Doctrine Of Fairness' is nothing more than a Democrat party clean up crew. It will hide the worst abuses of their nutbar candidates, aid and abet the already-liberal attack-dogs of the present MSM, and further entrench their political position--while miring the rest of us in Hugo Chavez-like media control and flagrant communism.

You want the true end of free speech? Just vote for a Democrat in 2008.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DONAL I was going to add my own thoughts on the mental sewage written by the DU idiot in question, but after eading what you wrote I just don't have the heart to pile on! So here are the words of David Horowitz from, An Evening With Christopher Hitchens.

"As Marx put it, everything that exists deserves to perish. The left is nihilism. It's goal is the destruction of the system on which all our liberties and prosperity is based. For more than 200 years the left has been at war with the democracies of the West. In the Twentieth Century, it was and aligned itself with totalitarian communism, the most oppressive empire in human history. Now it has joined with Islamic reactionaries in a global jihad against the Great Satan."

There is no denying the truth of this statement.


7:27 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I wish more had read it and commented, Morgan. Folks need to know what the Dems are trying to get away with...

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is 1st Amendment stuff here DONAL! These leftists feel emboldened by the 2006 elections and their totalitarian striupes are shining through. An INFORMED public would send them packing come next election, but the Republicans are doing their best to self-destruct at the same time. It's frustrating as hell.


4:30 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

It is beyond accidental ignorance. The left has long rejected the notion of an absolute truth, so the "law" they speak of is simply "censorship". That's all that this is.

In short, how to confound a leftist: If Larry Flynt's Hustler parodying Falwell is free speech, why is Rush parodying Kerry not?

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hate machine of the Right -

- What “faith’ would she be talking about? Faith in the Voo-doo godess? Did dining on fresh born baby flesh in Haiti with that dictator save her marriage?

- I shudder to think that Hillary’s version of “god” is...

- You will get NO SUPPORT with these lies from the Bible based "religious right". You're a lying trying to con people into your godless ideology and self worship.

- Her chutzpah just may be bigger than her posterior.

- Media is really working overtime trying to keep their whores on pedastels these days.

-Fiddle dee dee!!! "gotten through it" Singular "it"?????? Buying into this sillysackoshit means the previous multi adultries and rapes didn't happen...and you can bet that's what Hillary's spinners want the sheeple out here to believe.

- Faith in Satan.

11:01 AM  

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