Sunday, June 10, 2007

Senate Proves It’s Not On Your Side

Senate Proves It’s Not On Your Side
By Frank Miele
Daily Inter

If you ever had any doubt at all that the United States Senate does not represent you, you should have put that doubt aside forever on Wednesday.

That was when the Senate voted explicitly to extend blanket amnesty to convicted felons and criminals who have entered our country illegally.

This is not amnesty that clears the felony off their record; it is amnesty which says the United States of America does not care about your felony — we welcome you and your felony to our shores, no questions asked.

We don’t just welcome your tired and your poor, your huddled masses — we welcome the thugs who stole their money, beat them up and treated them like animals in the first place.If you ever made the mistake of thinking that there is no harm in leaving your front door open and then inviting whoever walked through the door to dinner, you will now have the chance to pay for that mistake — if the Senate gets its way.



Anonymous may lake said...

We have enough felons of our own. We don't need to import them from other countries. Or maybe we do!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

The Senate Democrats want blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, including those who've committed other crimes in addition to entering the country illegally, because they're counting on the majority of them voting Democratic. Here is another example of Democrats making extremely dire decisions based solely on politics, no matter how adversely it affects America and Americans.

It used to be that in order to emigrate to this country, one had to possess skills which would contribute to our country, pledge allegiance to our flag, learn to speak, read and write English, and above all else, be a law-abding citizen. The Democrats want these folks here to vote, yet convicted felons are not allowed to vote, EVER AGAIN.

News reports have made many references to the Senators and Congressmen and the President thinking that these instant "citizens" will immediately be paying taxes, contributions to social security, etc. Touting this immigration bill as a way to "fix social security," are they kidding??? Do they think we're that stupid??? Well, of course they do. But anyone with an IQ above 70 knows these illegals are a drain on our resources and will cost our economy a bloody fortune.

I can't understand the President's support for this bill, nor any of the other Republicans who are for it. Our party will not benefit from this legislation and it would be a disaster for our country.

It's incomprehensible how so many wealthy donors continue to support the Democratic Party candidates and incumbents, when those donors badly hurt by the laws and policies Democrats enact. These folks have money, many have achieved unbelievable success, but what happened to their common sense? Why do they not seem to have any regard for what these decisions do to our nation's economy?

For instance, let's use Peter Lewis as an example: he's the billionaire, founder of Progressive Insurance and a major contributor to the ACLU. What good could an alliance with the ACLU be for an insurance company? Someone please explain how his contributions to liberal Democrats and the Democratic Party, grand champions of trial lawyers, would benefit his or any insurance company?

Billionaire Georg Soros, one can perhaps see where his loyalties and motives would be in question, being a foreigner. Personally, I have often wondered if Soros should be legally allowed to fund anything political in this country, since he's not a native American. I don't care how wealthy he is, he has no right to undermine our nation's strength, elections or economy; that's what our enemies do. Why is Soros allowed to conduct his affairs like this?

But there are many others who are Americans supporting Democrats hellbent on destroying the Republican Party and our nation to gain political advantage. Democratic Senators accept their donations and do their bidding, but these folks only have one vote at the ballot box. They need our votes to get elected. Why are we sending them to represent us? Because they DON'T represent us when they get there, they represent their special interest donors.

This is simply another outrage heaped upon us.

8:17 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I know Patsy--and that was a great rant. You're right, you're absolutely right....

6:05 PM  

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