Monday, July 30, 2007

The Left Needs To Rethink Their "Big Oil" Gotcha

The Choice Is Ours: Big Oil Or Chavez?
By Scott Tinker

In the coming century, the world will transition from cars that run on liquid fuels to cars that run on something else, perhaps electricity or hydrogen. Until then, we have a choice. Either support the "Big Oil" companies that are SEC and IRS regulated, traded on the major stock exchanges, contribute to our economy and national security, and whose employees are our neighbors, or butt into energy myths and stand by idly (gleefully?) while Hugo Chavez ejects "Big Oil" from Venezuela.

The American public is severely misinformed about energy. A few energy myths:

--American energy independence is possible.
--"Big Oil" companies control gasoline prices.
--"Big Oil" companies make obscene profits.
--We are running out of fossil energy (oil, natural gas and coal).
--There are renewable (clean) alternatives to oil, natural gas and coal available today.
--People will pay more for clean energy.
--The oil industry is a major polluter today.
--Energy efficiency and conservation can solve the problem.

Here are a few energy realities.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It shows you who their TRUE enemies are.

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