Monday, August 20, 2007

99% Are Leftists, Democrats, Libbies... Part II

It's Not Just Scott Beauchamp (II)
By Randall Hoven

See Part I:

Without too much extra effort, it was fairly easy to add 21 more names to the "Media Hall of Shame" list, bringing the total to 83. With more effort, I'm sure the total list could easily double. But I will stop here, for now anyway, because I think you get the idea (and this can be time consuming!). I need to acknowledge two corrections to the original list: it is "Rigoberta" Menchu, not "Rigoberto"; she is female. Also, Ward Churchill resigned his position as the Ethnic Studies department chair in 2005, but was fired by Colorado University in 2007 after a more complete investigation.

I should add that there were many "honorable mentions" that I was uncomfortable adding to the list. Some cases, like the reporting of Walter Cronkite and others on the Viet Nam war, especially the Tet Offensive, reporting on Haditha, the Swift Boaters, etc., were just too complicated to wrap up easily. For cases that require a deeper analysis, try

I also tried to include only examples that had fairly unambiguous resolutions, such as a reporter getting fired, officially disciplined, resigning, or successfully sued. Plagiarism in particular has shades of gray. If held to a very strict standard, it seems almost everyone who has written anything has committed plagiarism at some time. I did not want to dilute the power of the list by including questionable cases.

Yet I'm sure some will think some of the cases are questionable. Jimmy Carter, for example, still defends his book. All I can say is start your search engines and hold on. I became convinced that every case in the list at least passes the "preponderance of the evidence" level of proof, if not "beyond a reasonable doubt".



Anonymous bobcat said...

This list, along with the other one, is getting kind of long, isn't it?

Leftist should take note. I'm still waiting to hear Less's explanation.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

Les, in his typically brainless response will say one of two things:

1) "Fake but accurate"
2) Most of those are organizations (I know, what?) or conservatards (really?)

To finish, he will throw in some kind of race-baiting statement, brag about his graduate school studies, call people names, or change the subject.

He's so predictable that I doubt anyone could tell a bot-Les apart from the real thing.

3:04 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

And RS, I ask Les to provide his evidence for calling them all rightwingers and all I get are cricket chirps in the far distance in answer.

He doesn't have evidence--it's all stereotypes and assumptions on his part.

8:34 PM  

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