Friday, August 17, 2007

Jenna Engaged! Come On, Lefties... Spin YOUR Reaction Into Something Good:


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Jenna Bush Gets Engaged

Jenna Bush, President and Laura Bush's daughter, is engaged, the White House said Thursday. Jenna Bush, 25, is marrying Henry Hager, 28, a former White House aide who used to work with Karl Rove. His father, John Hager, is the chairman of the Virginia Republican Party.

"President and Mrs. George W. Bush are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Jenna Bush, to Mr. Henry Hager, son of the Honorable and Mrs. John H. Hager of Richmond, Virginia," press secretary Sally McDonough said in a statement.


DU Chimes In Upon Hearing the News:

--I feel sorry for the groom. He's getting a spoiled brat and a drunk for a wife. Any one up for a pool as to how long before this one hits the rocks?

--He's a chickenhawk yellow elephant silver spooned repuke just like the bride.

--She get knocked up and the Freepers won't let Dubya arrange another abortion?

--That will make Jenna the Bride of Frankenstein. This should be a good fit - Jenna should be used to it since both of her parents are monsters.

--Of course, the weddng will be on the public dime... feeding at the taxpayer trough is what the Bush family is all about.

--She may indeed be "in the family way" judging from a few recent pics! They showed a few clips some weeks ago on the news, and I think made an effort to only show her from the neck up (very very small picture, that) - but they slipped up and she looked like she was baking buns to me!

--What would marry one of them?

--I sure as hell wouldn't classify that snot's engagement as breaking news.

--Bush drunk at yet another wedding. Hope the cameras are rolling.

--That poor sucker!! Marrying into that family?? Yuck.

--Plenty Of 25%'s Out There. Lots of mindless 20 something repub Hitler youth that will be delighted to be part of that corrupt family.

--Probably one of the cousins. Lol.

--Even worse. It is the son of the head of the Republican Party in Virginia or something like that. Eeeeeeek!! Just think... they are going to breed too. Stupid people shouldn't breed and neither should Republicans. Bush's spawn.

--Not surprised - last two pics I've seen of her she looks preggars!!!

--Is there some way we can make sure she doesn't reproduce?

Hate, hate, and more hate... Out of several threads about it, I only saw one halfway decent comment. She sure had no say into which family she was born. (Though it is a fine one--even if you disagree with their politics.)

I guess, in true Democrat party/Leftista fashion, they'd have more respect for her if she hated, and was disrespectful towards, her parents! I think they'd kill her, if they could!


Blogger Patsy said...

Charmed, quite charmed, Donal. Usually one has to go to a WrestleMania event to encounter folks of such high standards.

Oops, excuse me, I didn't mean to insult wrestling fans.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous teller said...

You said it, Patsy, what small-minded people!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

i can't even imagine hating someone's wedding!

8:57 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Leftistas have no couth.


9:19 AM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

I was gonna say! Wrestling fans (I once was one) have ten times more class than those toilet-mouthed cretins.

2:24 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You follow the UFC mixed martial arts? Those are not the fake wrestlers like in the Smack Down etc... And these boys seem like good family people--many, many of them are good Christians... they have good values and are decent folks. We love 'em here. The hubby's gotta watch 'em every time they're on Spike TV, Thurs., nite and such...

5:37 PM  

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