Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Turn: Defeatists In Retreat

The Turn: Defeatists In Retreat

Hot July brings cooling showers, / Apricots and gillyflowers, as Sara Coleridge's doggerel has it. But for the American antiwar movement, this July brought only a cold drizzle, wilted blossoms, and bitter fruit.

For the Iraq war's opponents, July began as a month of hope. It ended in retreat. It began with Democratic unity in proclaiming the inevitability of American defeat. It ended with respected military analysts--Democrats, no less!--reporting that the situation on the ground had improved, and that the war might be winnable.

It began with a plan for a series of votes in Congress that were supposed to stampede nervous Republicans against the continued prosecution of the war. It ended with the GOP spine stiffened, no antiwar legislation passed, and the Democratic Congress adjourning in disarray, with approval ratings lower than President Bush's. It began with Democratic presidential candidates competing in their antiwar pandering. It ended with them having second thoughts--with Barack Obama, losing ground to Hillary Clinton because he seemed naive about real world threats, frantically suggesting that he would invade Pakistan.

July also began with the liberal media disparaging the troops. It ended with the liberal media in retreat. The New Republic had to acknowledge that its pseudonymous soldier's account of an incident purportedly showing the dehumanizing effects of the Iraq conflict was a lie: It had taken place in Kuwait (if it happened at all), before this imaginative private ever saw the horrors of war. The New York Times was so shocked to discover in late July that public opinion hadn't continued to move against the war that it redid a poll. The answer didn't change.



Anonymous bobcat said...

Great article by Kristol...

9:32 AM  
Blogger Patsy said...

It's about bloody time we saw some TRUTH triumphing over the liberals Mt. Everest-sized mountain of lies. I don't want to hear any more BS out of their treasonous, traitorous mouths.

Learn how to be patriotic, loyal Americans who appreciate the citizenship God gave them, instead of crapping all over it!

Freedom of speech isn't always about YOU, ya selfish bastards. And your opinions are just like anuses, everybody has one and they stink.

For once in your self-centered, egotisitcal existences, care about what others want and need FROM you.

For instance, if you can't support the American soldiers fighting for YOU, ya ungrateful assholes, then just shut the hell up.

You can bitch, piss, moan and complain, later -- much later, like when the war is over.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Les Ismore said...

Wow, Krystal really went off the deep end here. First of all, why does he hide behind the troops so much. The TNR article has been fact-checked twice. Even Hugh Hewitt has retracted his crticisms. Oh and the Kuwait nonsense was just one incident in the TNR article.

No one is disparaging our troops in the TNR article. It is the account of how some people, a very small minority, are affected by war. And believe me, its effects are devastating on the every day actions and interactions of the men and women that serve.

But Kristol, Limbaugh and others continue to hide behind the troops. Any criticism of Bush is considered as criticism of the troops and that is just wrong. Believe me there was PLENTY of criticism of VietNam war but no one I knew took it personally as a slam against us. We knew better than tha. We just wanted to come home.

12:02 PM  

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