Monday, September 24, 2007

They Are 'Blogging Away With Their Tears'! LOL!

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FROM DU: We Are All Fools

Every American who thinks they are a patriot is a fool. We all betray ourselves as long as we let Bush remain in the White House. Some Republican congresspersons are not what their job title describes; they are, instead, highly organized goons, betraying their own constituents by protecting and serving their dictator Bush.

These are not, by definition, congress people. In lockstep, they fairly scream and shout their fascist mission statement while we the un-served people are watching this charade on TV wondering what the next episode will be.

We are all fools - daily-grinders immersed in car pools, child care and mortgage payments. With little time to accomplish much else, we're spilling our tears into the crying towel, Democratic Undergound. I used to cry into a bigger towel, Yahoo, until they took it away. (Floyd53)

DU Chimes In

--Absolutely! We're overworked doing the job of 3, or we're unemployed desperately looking for work. We're overwhelmed by the sky-high prices of everything. We can no longer pay for basic needs. Some of us have no health insurance, or we're lucky and do but are overwhelmed by the cost of medicines and everything else. We're lied to by the media, and told to be scared of another 9/11, when it's this administration we have to be afraid of.

--Beautiful response. My sentiments exactly.

--Same here... concerning apathy. People are either too busy, too lazy or just don't give a f**k. If not for DU I would have flipped long ago.

--You, me and Sarah make three. I know what you mean about being ignored. Your idea about being there with bells on is a good one. Can you imagine 100,000 plus with bells on, no way they could ignore that.

--Fooled yes, fools not. We have just forgotten that politics begins in our backyard. We don't do school elections, we don't do town elections, we don't do door to door for state reps, etc. We focus all are energy here on the DC circuit, by that time it is too late.

In other words we are too lazy to understand the process of our own form of government.The GOP understand this and have place scores of operatives at every level from dog catcher to president. They have been at it for 30 yrs and we expect Reid or Pelosi to change that in 5 months.

--Get The Revolution Started And I'll Be There With Bells On... What you just said is what I've been saying for a VERY LONG TIME! NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is going to change unless/until we RISE UP, and I don't mean just a small March of 100,000... we need MASSES, that's the ONLY way they will see us! I couldn't even get 500 people together to do anything where I live! The Apathy here SUCKS!

We've been nothing but GNATS they bat away from time to time, but mostly we are IGNORED! And if MSM is any indication of who will be the nominees for President in '08, we're still going to be DEAD MEAT!!

And blogging away with our tears is just a past time we do so we don't go completely CRAZY! At least it is for me... just an outlet to vent and rant! But tell me? Is ANYONE listening? Look what happened to and how even OUR leaders SCREWED THEM!! We have a few Democrats who want something done, but when push comes to shove.... well we get SHOVED!

This is the 'we can no longer pay for basic needs', America-is-awful crowd. (I notice they're managing to pay for a computer just fine!) For working 3 jobs, they've sure got an inordinate amount of time to spend on the Internet 24/7!

They bad mouth the greatest country in the world while reaping all of the benefits she gives us. Paranoia runs deep--when they're not feeling so very sorry for themselves.
The 'greatest generation' this isn't!


Anonymous teller said...

You can almost feel sorry for these babies - almost.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apathy huh? Well, theres not much you can say about apathy. Not much you can say about these DU'ers either. As I keep asking, what are these little dears going to do when Bush leaves office? These a-holes are in for some real political cold turkey. J'Mac.

2:56 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You've got a real way with words, J'MAC!

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thanks Mrs.D. Sent you an e-mail kiddo. J'Mac.

6:33 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

J'MAC--I'm not getting your emails, hon.... give 'er another try.

1:02 PM  

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