Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Ugliest Thing I've Ever Heard

FROM DU: So, How’s About We Make Our Very Own “Bin Laden” Video?

Why? As counterpropaganda which, if well done, could permanently spike the use of this particular psyops technique by bad guys in our government and maybe bad guys elsewhere, or at the very least those operations featuring OBL.

How? We might consider using the most recent OBL video as a template, with its ever so convenient still sections where the contemporary references were inserted. We could write up a nice speech by OBL thanking Bush for his astonishing generosity in providing so many useful pictures of broken, burned, maimed and tortured Muslim bodies for Al Qaeda recruiting videos. Maybe throw in a reference to the CIA interception of the communication in which Al Qaeda expresses worries that the US might withdraw from Iraq before they get a good chance to get the Iraqi resistance on their side. You know, the crap the neocons are pulling on us with their videos, only in reverse.

We then have to find people to do the translation into Arabic, people who can pinpoint Arabic phonemes, and people who could do the voice morphing. Slampoet has posted in my original thread that voice morphing programs are available for personal computers (news to me), and that gave me the idea in the first place. (He seems to know a lot about audio, and mentioned not being able to afford to donate to DU, so maybe he could use a paid job on the project.)

(Link to slampoet has been deleted.)

For the Arabic translation and phonemes part, we might start off by contacting Kevin Barrett, a well-known 9-11 Truth Movement activist whose article I quoted above. He has actually translated OBL speeches before. I’m on his email list, and could ask him. We could put out a call for others with these skills as well.

If we wanted to get beyond the YouTube level, we could make it more of a documentary, containing interviews with the people who did the work about voice morphing and psyops. It might be also be interesting to add interviews with heavyweights like William Arkin and Bruce Lawrence if they had time for the likes of us.

What about funding? An obvious thing to do would be to start a bank account specifically for the project, with some kind of legal charter. It would of course specify where the money should go if the project fell through—I’d suggest NGOs helping Iraqi civilians and Katrina victims. Alternatively, maybe one of the more well-known documentary makers or media reform organizations might want to back it or use the idea themselves.

So, whaddya think? I’ve posted a poll to gauge response: (eridani)

I don't care that dozens didn't bother to cast a vote in this miserable little 'poll' before they commented. I don't care that a few disagreed with this approach. I don't care that some joked and aped Sgt. Shultz--or whomever... I care that these thoroughly ATROCIOUS Americans would even THINK to do something this repulsive.

Oh sure, these crapulent little traitors gave a whole dog's breakfast of justifications for this nauseating project, but it's all damned nonsense. Can you imagine the residents of the Lodz ghetto dressing as chefs over an 'oven', the townspeople of Nanking joking about rape and aping that behavior, or the survivors of Bataan singing 'Whistle While You Work', as they contemplate their forced trek and labor camps?

It's bad enough to think these Demmie Leftists would do something as awful as make these 'fake' videos, but to make them in order to hurt OUR government--their own country--leaves NO doubt about their true intentions and feeling toward this America they say they 'love so much'.

This is nothing but despicable. Anyone involved in the making of this video, or any others like it, ought to be arrested and shot, as befits all traitors in time of war. This made me absolutely sick to my stomach!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to read the article and poll since it is overwhelmingly seen as a bad idea there...but hey, it makes a good soundbite here.

9:43 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--Get real, and get honest. ANYBODY can go to the link I provided and see that ONE person-"PhD"--(and yourself ;-) who objected to it.

There were 3 votes for: The idea absolutely sucks, and I'm telling Agent Mike ('Agent Mike' is their derisive term for a Bush government agent--and they use it to make fun of him--so it can't be taken seriously.)

There was 1 vote for: Why do you support the terraists? ('Terraists' is supposedly aping the President's speech so, again, it is not a serious answer, but just a slam. And, if it WAS serious, it might well have been 'PhD's" vote.)


You've got one firm dissenting vote--and yours. DU boasts 108,074 registed members LOL!

Please let me know when you and PhD have 'overwhelmed' the remaining 108,072!

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sorry donal but if you take the time to read the comments there... I hope everyone else does to. Did you add a comment yourself? I didnt see your handle there.

3:35 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...


Secondly, I WAS quoting from the comments at DU VERBATIM. So my analysis of the 'overwhelming' nature of the 'objections' stands--as anyone can read for themselves.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Less-ster, what is wrong with you? I went to the link and, just as Donal says, there's only your statement and ONE other that say the video is a bad idea. They have 100K+ members and just TWO of you object to it - and you dizzily call that 'OVERWHELMING'?

I repeat, WHAT is wrong with you?

They either are for it, don't care, or care, but decide it's in America's best interest to say nothing and let it go on. Just what part of that do you find admirable???

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know you can post, you have hosted forums there yourself. You post there more than I do (I cant even host a forum!!!! but you can) Remember the hypothetical question you asked and baited everyone so you could post it here?
And do you think all 100,000 members of DU read that post???? Hahahahaha. There are thousands of discussions there EVERY DAY. I read DU about once a month when you send us there, that is about it. Come on you guys are cooking the books like a Bush hack!

2:47 AM  
Blogger Les Ismore said...

Read the comments. 18 people think enough of this nitwit to comment. 18 out of 100,000+
You dont need a PhD in Mathematics to figure that one out...Like I have always said, cherry-picking the data, just like this administration.
Just incredible.

Bobby, just what IS wrong with YOU? Do you think that when someone on Lucianne talks about assasinating President Clinton, that must be the official Republican line???? I just happen to have a bridge in NYC that I can sell you.

2:55 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--I get thrown off of DU about three times a week. They are use to my IP or ISP or whatever-the-hell number, they delete me on sight without reading what I write.

And, frankly, you're a g*ddamned liar; the stuff I post from DU COMES TO YOU VERBATIM. Anybody who thinks I 'cook the books' (hmmmm... I wonder where we got THAT 'original' line?) is spouting a deliberate falsehood and slander against me--and I won't bloody stand for it.

You wanna despute something I've posted, we're gonna need more than your 4 a.m. wrongheaded ravings for that--try some FACTS and actual examples. If I ever post anything they haven't really said, I promise you can call me on it.

Finally, if you'll notice, I SAID few had posted a response to the video-maker request. MY POINT WAS, 100 THOUSAND REGISTERED MEMBERS OF DU--and only 2 of you objected to it. Now, any way you slice that, it sounds like a helluva lot of tacit approval to me. And I'm just achin' to have you prove me wrong...

7:14 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

P.S. LES--And in defense of Bobcat, YOU'LL HAVE TO PROVE SOMEONE ON LUCINANNE SAID TO ASSASSINATE CLINTON BEFORE YOU CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM (and if you can, with an actual, current URL from there, I'll bet there were more than 2 people underneath who objected to it!)

7:19 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

P.P. S. There are 18 comments AND 12 votes on DU, in response to the video-making post. That equals 30 possible responses total as the same who take the poll need not necessarily be the same who choose to comment.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Anne Coulter? She DID say it. She so famously mused, "impeachment or assasination" Go Google it. Do you condemn that?

I never said you changed anything there, what I did say is that you log on there to bait the Cheetos eaters. Your SisterSomethingOrOther

You should explain to your readers that discussions start about every 3 seconds on DU. You start them, I cant, at least not yet since I dont post as often there as you do. If you think 100,000 people read that nonsense, like I said, I have a bridge to sell you in NYC.

To those of you who are unfamiliar, go to DU and without the link provided, see if you can find this thread. I bet it will take you quite a while to go through the HUNDREDS of threads that are started every day.

8:36 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--I'm gonna say this once more and then this is gonna stop.

I do not post at DU and haven't for months. Even seeing the name 'DONAL' will often get you tossed--try it yourself (without posting obsequiously Leftist-only posts).

They can track my IP number and, when they do, they throw me off.

Now, they can track it when I register and my posts don't get posted past maybe the first one (it takes 10 posts to post a forum question of your own.)

I have never posted as 'SisterSomethingOrOther'. And I 'bait' no one; they are not forced into their positions--and they are free to debunk thoroughly what I ask or comment upon.

You have not addressed ANY of the issues I answered above to YOUR inquiries and I am not interested in spending ALL this time answering YOU while you fail to answer me.

Ann Coulter is a satirist and writes tongue-in-cheek. She needs to be read in that light--and NOT as a verbatim political commentator. She, as any ironist will do, will often use exaggeration to make her point. You need to have more sophisticated reading skills if you cannot tell the difference between her comment and the very serious Bill Maher saying he wished Cheney would be killed.

Lastly, what difference does the large and frequent number of conversations on DU have to do with their veracity?

Are you trying to make the point that if enough people speak quickly and copiously enough about something, they are not serious about what they are saying, or it is not reflective of the aggregate of thought in Leftist positions? That's laughable, LES.

Oh, and I never made the claim that there were 100K USERS of DU--I recall I said there were 100K+ registered members. I am quite well aware, as surely is everyone, that the number of daily users, at any given time, is a percentage of that--probably a small percentage.

That being said, it gives me no pleasure to think 500--not even 100K!--Demmie Leftists at DU either applauded the making of fake bin Laden videos in order to hurt our government--or stood silently by while others did.

Considering the 100K+ number of registered members, I thinks it's quite safe to say that DU has a great deal many more than 500 visitors a day, don't you? (I have, at times, almost had a 100 a day, on my little amateur blog!)

I do not have the time or inclination to engage in a one-way conversation. Any further posts where an attempt to answer the train of conversation that is a-going is not made will go unanswered or they will be deleted.

I have had it with you not answering us, not addressing our points, making up things, which we refute--with no acknowledgement from you (you just ignore it and jump to another topic--one that you again will not refute). I don't have the time, LES to simply talk to myself.

P.S. Don't tell me to 'Google something' again; either marshall your own facts--as I DO--or leave them unsaid. For me and my readers, what isn't proven, isn't true.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DONAL, Les lies, and he lies like hell! I rarely waste my time arguing with true belivers like him anymore. Remember the ends justifies the means to these wackos.


3:37 PM  

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