Friday, November 16, 2007

Debate FlipDip

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Democrats Talk Peace, Love and Abortion
By Jed Babbin

For a minute last night, I could’ve sworn I’d traveled back in time and was sitting in my college dorm four decades ago watching the news. Before Thursday’s CNN Democrats’ debate, there hasn’t been such a liberal lovefest since their hippie brethren first congregated at Woodstock in 1969. You had to listen to believe it: Bill Richardson saying, “give peace a chance” and John Edwards saying Democrats had to restore “power to the people.”

All this debate lacked was the long hair, the marijuana cigarettes and the “power to the people” screech featured in Laura Ingraham’s radio intro. Now they want to be called, “progressives.” But if it looks like a liberal, talks like a liberal and whines like a liberal, it’s a liberal. And this gang is as liberal as Ivory Soap is pure.

Clinton did well, at least compared to last time. She managed to fire off her scripted lines (one about wearing an asbestos pantsuit), and played the gender card very well. First she denied she and Bill were firing back at the boys for picking on a girl, and then went on and on talking about how 90-year old grannies were waiting hours in line to shake her hand, telling her that they were born when women couldn’t vote and wanted to live to see a woman elected president. Aww. Ain’t she cute?

Under attack, Clinton rebounded better than the last time. Though driven to taking notes, Clinton counter-attacked, accusing Edwards of slinging mud at her (imagine: a trial lawyer slinging mud) and saying -- at long last, clearly -- that she opposed giving illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses. That one issue consumed about ten minutes of the two-hour debate and proved to be the springboard for the liberals to flaunt their stuff.



Anonymous bobcat said...

Thanks for the low-down on this; I can't ever bring myself to watch debates - either side!

8:22 AM  

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