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Al Gore's Piece Of "Big Oil"!

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Crouching Gore, Hidden Oil Stocks?
By Ben-Peter Terpstra

Early this week, I was studying Al Gore’s record. My first job? To rummage through old papers. The task was simple.

Then, I tried to comb through Time’s online database. But there were hurdles. For one thing, the searcher needs to sift through mountains of disinformation. Or heart-warming stories of Gore, the green priest.

Still, I found a “critical” 965-word story. But, the problem is one can’t access it. Indeed, all researchers are matter-of-factly informed that: “The page you’ve requested has been moved or taken off the site. We apologize for the inconvenience.”1

Readers are blocked from learning more. So, why did certain changes occur? I’m curious.

Meanwhile, let’s look at what searchers do know. Well, we were able to read part of the heading (“Gore’s Big Oil Connection: An Occident . . .”), and a small excerpt (“. . . don’t help his efforts to paint Governor Bush as the candidate of Big Oil . . .”). Plus, we know the writer’s name (“Tony Karon”).2 He is a leftist – and Time’s current Senior Editor.

By mid-week, however, the excerpt changed to: “stuff of scandal, Al Gore's connection to . . . free of the 'oil stain' he sees . . .” The word “Occident” was removed. And, again, one can’t access the piece.

The fact that token “criticisms” of Big Al are rare is an issue. But: not being able to access old pieces with the words “Gore” and “Occidental” in the same piece is also baffling. I guess I’ll have to find an original copy.

Compare that to negative stories on Bush. They’re crying out for you to access them. And, yes, they were opening up for me. It is puzzling, therefore, that Time prides itself on being “balanced.” What’s more, it raises doubts about standards.

Occidental, after all, equals Big Oil, and I’m curious. Do you know of another instance, where an environmental priest is connected to so many big businesses?

The fuel issue, it must be said, isn’t going to be buried either. In 2000’s The World According to Gore, by Debra J. Saunders, we learn that (page 75):

While running for the White House, Clinton and Gore pledged to increase the fleet average for automobile fuel efficiency to 40-50 miles per gallon. But once elected, they failed to raise the standards from a fleet average of 27.5 miles per gallon set in 1988. The fact is that automotive fuel efficiency was greater when Ronald Regan was president – and technology was twenty years younger – than it has been under Clinton/Gore.

Much of Gore’s “truth force” philosophy fits neatly in the “how-to” cult: how to travel to work, how to view “global” warming, how to support Eurocentric treaties, how to convert the skeptics, how to invest, how to shop, how to close down debates, or even how to shower. But: how does Gore live?

Keep in mind that there are some questioners on the Left too. Thus, The Nation’s Kevin Silverstein’s piece (“Gore’s Oil Company”) noted in 2000 that:

. . . an international campaign opposing Occidental's plan is also picking up steam. On April 28 about 100 demonstrators turned up at Occidental's annual meeting in Santa Monica and called on the company to halt the project. Activists have also picketed the offices of Fidelity Investments, which owns about 8 percent of Occidental's shares, and criticized Vice President Al Gore, whose family owns at least a quarter of a million dollars' worth of Occidental stock . . .

But let’s return to the heart of the issue. Where are the standards in all of this? By standards, I mean:

• refusing to accept that the so-called debate is over because the guru says so;

• refusing to accept that the “science” is “settled” when politicized government-bodies, and the guru’s “shares” are (or were) actors;

• and refusing to accept that one can write a green manifesto, say, Earth In the Balance, and live like Marie Antoinette.

So, who is Gore? Explains Time (May 28, 2007) in a readable piece, he is a saint. Gore, we’re told, even “draws from a number of faiths, from philosophy and self-help and poetry from Gandhi’s concept of truth force, the idea that people have an innate ability to recognize the most powerful truths” which, of course, is noble, because “Gore is not carrying a mirror.”

Though, of Al Gore’s legacy, I’ve asked: “From whence comes this priest’s understanding of stocks?”

Yet, Time likes to frame Gore’s corporate buzzwords as “simple, direct and powerful” when he sells his spiritual “truth force.” There are no skeletons. Just truths. You must have faith. Close your eyes. Believe!

Recall, it was Al Gore who asked us to feel Gaia’s “psychic pain” in Earth In the Balance. Also, he (of all people) wanted us “to be honest with one another and accept responsibility for what we do – whether as individuals or together.”

Accountability, that’s what this is about. But the page I’ve “requested has been moved or taken off the site.”

Thanks to our dear Fairest Witness for bring us this gem!


Blogger FairestWitness said...

SFLBIB posted this link at FPM. I had to send it to you, VerityInk. It's just too good!

8:39 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You're darned tootin' it's good! I love to expose Saint Al's hypocrisy--thanks for shooting it over!

9:02 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

It's amazing that the bigger the leftista, the bigger the hypocrisy...and the more likely they are to be desirous of control over others...


11:34 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Boy, TMW, truer words were never spoken! That's EXACTLY right!

11:52 AM  

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