Saturday, December 15, 2007

DU Has A Meltdown Over the White House Christmas Card

You alone are the LORD.

You made the heavens, even the highest heavens,

and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it,

the seas and all that is in them.

You give life to everything,

and the multitudes of heaven worship you.


May the joy of all creation fill your heart this blessed season 2007.

DU Chimes In About the White House Christmas Card:

There's something odd about Bush's Christmas Card... He's such a narcissistic personality you have to wonder exactly *who* this references (in his own mind, of course). Doesn't this look kinda creepy with the presidential seal directly above it? Of course, many of the 'joys of all creation' are now dead because of George W. Bush. (Neecy)

--What's the ABC logo on there for? Did the taxpayers pay for this crap or did ABC? [Note: I assume it's on there because this was taken from The View which is shown on ABC.] There's got to be some occultist message in there somewhere. You're right, it's weird, but everything he says and does is weird.

--Whoa! That is positively surreal. And just what the heck does a verse from Nehemiah have to do with Christmas?

--It doesn't, which makes it even more creepy. It's as if it's talking about George.

--Very creepy--and Nehemiah is the Old Testament. "...And the multitudes of heaven worship you." Um, George--Nehemiah is talking about GOD, not you...

--I have a HUGE problem with the presidential seal being above anything that comes from just one religion. We are a nation of many, and this is insulting to the rest. That rat bastard doesn't own that fucking seal! We do! I say we protest.

--Card was designed to be sent only to those creationists that voted for him.

--A Christmas Card from an AntiChrist.

--May the joys of all creation fill your heart so you can then rape and pillage its resources. Your stockholders will thank you, and who gives a shit if the planet is dying, 'cuz Jebus is comin' back aaaaaaany day now.

--I see the word Host means multitudes of heaven like I said that sounds very UFOish or Watcherish or Angelic. It makes me wonder if this came from Scottish rite Freemason bible--in other words its very freemasonish--and the US Seal is very alchemisty.

--The only really good news here.... is that I'm not getting one.

This goes to show you just how far BDS has gone; these people can't even accept a fairly ordinary Christmas card from the White House without throwing a fit and imagining all sorts of crazy stuff! UFO's? 'Freemasonish'? 'Watcherish'? 'ALCHEMISTY'???

Those claims are too boring to cry over and too silly to laugh at. DU has such a dim idea of what religion--and Christmas--is all about! Spreading their special brand of hatred is about all they can manage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

''When you expel the priest you don't get The Age of Reason. You get the witch doctor''. What angry, souless little gits. I had a black heart like that once, years and years ago. Hateful and self-loathing and contemptous at everyone else. Thank God that isn't me today. These unhappy brats might wake up someday but I doubt it. J'Mac.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

45 million fetuses aborted since Roe vs Wade, but Bush is the anti-Christ, eh?

Apparantly, being Greek, my morality must be ass backwards!

12:56 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I like your morality MUCH better than theirs, Sonny!

Hi, J'Mac!

11:53 PM  

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