Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DU Tries To Ruin the Season


So, How'd the War On Christmas Go This Year?

Did we make any inroads? (PlanetBev)

--No tree this year for us. I did send holiday cards, and as a substitute for a tree, I put up our lighted, moving, holiday pink flamingo.

--My friend in Pasadena has the lighted, moving pink flamingo wearing a Santa cap sitting on her front porch this year.

--As a foot soldier on that blowhard O'Really's "War On Xmas" I must say things went beautifully this year. My family started the day off by eating at a vegan restaurant, "Bamboo Garden", run by people who do not even acknowledge Xmas. After that, we went to see "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". We ended the day by spending no more than $15 on each family member on a 15-minute shopping spree at Walgreen's. My daughter even did the "Fight Club" speech before we went.

--I said "Bah Humbug!" a lot, and acted grouchy on several occasions.

--Comrades, we must TRIPLE our efforts next year!!! No rest until there is a FULL BAN on Christmas!!!!!!

X-mas Seems Gone In My Neighborhood

I have not seen one tree, one window decor anywhere where I live nor heard one X-mas song in even the grocery store. I haven't seen one person drive up anywhere with plates of food and presents. In the 80's there was not one without this and after new years there were trees lining the curbs. (blues90)

--Everyone is Depressed... No $$$$, Jobs, Health Care, etc.

--Nearly every single person I know was either not in the "mood" for Christmas this year, or wound up having a totally shitty holiday. It was both for me...I just kind of went through the motions with a sense of blandness.

--Same Here... Too Much to worry about, couldn't enjoy the holidays. I live in a heavily Hispanic neighborhood and up to about five years ago, the houses tried to outdo each other. Now, nobody's got outdoor lights and few have trees on display.

--I didn't even see many even go to church and there are three within easy walking distance from here , I always saw the families all dressed up to go . I know we are broke and did nothing but the diner since it will last the two of us two weeks but we decided we would not even listen to the music, we have enough mental pain already, I used to love the X-mas music and the spirit of it all even though we are not religious the music does have a thing about it. I had the tapes of it ready but just couldn't bare opening the cases.

--When you lose your job or accept a new job with shittier wages, you're in no mood for carols. That's my best guess as to why things are going down the shitter.

--The songs are all hackneyed, the displays cheap and tacky, the traffic abominitable, and the emotions strained past the point of saneness. This is a happy season? One can't avoid it though. You're a "grinch" if you try, or you risk alieninating your spouse or your family. (guilty as charged)But hooray! The best day of the year is upon us: December 26!

--We haven't done X-mas in at least 15 years or more. I think more and more people see it every year that's good.

Can We Take A Break From the Politics and Send the Bush Family Our Best Wishes?

Nah... I don't think so...Hey chimp clan!....choke on your fucking turkey, you scumbags! (Webster Green)

--In the spirit of the season I say fuck you, GWB. The best wish I can do. (from trashcanistanista)

--As Daffy Duck once said, "You're despicable."

--Bush, I hope you choke long enough to know what it feels like. then i want to see you and cheney drawn and quartered for treason!!! you fucking treasonus douchebags! I heard you got a new coat you shit for brains. why don't you give it to one of the millions you put out in the snow. Fuckface.

--They Said They Wanted To Travel. They Should Do So. Let them visit the beautiful Palace of Peace in the Hague. I am sure the International Criminal Court will be very happy to see them. They will simply insist that they extend their stay.

--NO NO NO! To hell with'em

--I sent Chimpy some tasty soft banana flavored pretzels!

--How about sending his daughters forms to enlist in the Army? They can go to Iraq and tell everyone "it's my daddy's oil underneath this sand".

--Yes. My wish for them: I wish their genetic line would die out. We've had quite enough of the Bush family, thank you.

--I wish them all a happy sterility and a short life. That line needs to die out.

These poor babies. They can't be thankful for, or positive about, anything! And what did they think? Naturally Christmas seems 'gone' in their neighborhoods. First of all, they don't call it Christmas--they call it 'XMAS'--what is that? Second, by the time they get the ACLU to sue over every smidgen of a Christmas display on a lawn, refuse the very colors red and green in even generic decorations, and allow the muslims to loudspeaker their prayers all over the neighborhood several times a day, where is the place for Christmas???

Up here in Seattle, we have Santas garishly nailed upon crosses in protest, childrens' toy drives stolen, Nativity yard displays torn up and trashed, lawsuits threatened everytime EVERY religion isn't displayed in public (whether it's an occasion to do so or not), Christmas trees knocked over, and protests against stores that are open longer, have sales, put up holiday displays, or feature Salvation Army bell ringers.

The increased crowds, shopping, and enthusiasm of the rest of us enjoy is called 'chaos', 'ruckus', 'hullabaloo', or a 'mad dash'--and we're a 'herd' or a 'throng'. Shopper's behavior is characterized as 'frantic', 'hysterical', 'frenzied', 'greedy', 'furious', or 'crazed'--and words like 'joy', 'fun', celebration', tradition are used in no good way, if at all.

The idea, among these Leftists, of reverence, holiness, sanctity, redemption, love, giving, or spirit are as far away as the summer sun. And they spare no second, have no moment of grace, in which to suspend their nastiest thoughts about President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and anybody vaguely connected with the War On Terror or our government.

Christmas? Gone for them? I'm not a bit surprised!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone continue to live in such a heathen, narcissitic, god hating shit hole like seattle then? Fuck them...let them have their fucking Lenin statues, call to prayers and hope that the mountain wil blow it's top soon and bury everyone of the scumbag tree hugging, starbucks worshipping cock suckers under 100 feet of fresh ash.

4:14 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Dear Anon: First, Manners 101--don't use phrases such as s***-hole, f*** 'em, f***ing, c***suckers on my blog. If you can't express yourself better than that without using such phrase, post elsewhere, please.

Whether I agree with your sentiments or not, I don't wish to read ugliness (if I want to do that, I'll go to DU).

Secondly, there are a number of us good conservatives that DO brave the aliens and live here in Seattle--and we do it for the beautiful weather and scenery, clean city, and great opportunities--and because we have relatives up this way. We're certainly not going to simply leave it to the libbies.

6:03 PM  
Blogger CHOMP said...

The Du gang are ridiculous in their assessment of this wonderful country. They are part of the problem, not the solution to make America better.


10:34 PM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

Anon is a child as exhibited by his/her filthy comments.

By contrast, nearly every day I thank God I was born in the USA, where every possible opportunity exists for me - an American. I learned as a child to appreciate what I have, not envy (and swear at) those who have more.

I control my own life, not some politician. And as for those who have lost their jobs, I wonder if they ever think of why? As an employer for 35 years, the first people to go are the dead beat, negative, never appreciative people, while the producing, positive, and appreciative people stay.

Good riddance people. Your position is the result of the decisions you've made all of your life, and your lousy attitude, not because of Bush, God, or anyone else. Go swear at who you see in the mirror, moron!

10:38 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you, Sonny. I say a few damns and hells myself when I am incensed--but I try and work on it--and it wouldn't occur to me to go to someone else's blog and post crap like that.

I, too, am terribly grateful for America and our President and all the blessings we have--everyday, they are brought home to me in a new way.

I know over at DU they gripe about 'no jobs, no money, no this, no that'--but my sis was able to find a job when we moved here--and she was 63 years old with only a A.A. degree!

With my hubby in school, we basically live off of one income--and we STILL live in a highrise in downtown Seattle, and we had a fine Christmas, and always have. Except for Paul's student loans, we don't owe anyone a dime--there's not another country in the world in which we could have so much, or be so safe, or worship where we please--and I'm mighty thankful for it all!

I don't know what the sniveling Leftist multitudes expect out of life or our government, but we're the luckiest people on earth. I wonder what it would take for them to feel that way? Somehow, I don't think they'd EVER get to the end of their list.

12:57 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

They never learned gratitude, they never learned to say, "Thank you.", they never learned to put themselves in someone elses shoes!
They never left the whiny toddler stage in life, and for that I blame their doting, and possibly hippy, neglectful, parents.
They do not believe in SomeOne greater than themselves, or if they do, it is someone just like them! Or in the 'image du jour'!
In the end they are empty, windy and selfish 3 yr. olds who seek to fill the void within!


3:48 AM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

The term we are all looking for to define them is "shallow." Feel sorry for them. Their lives have no substance and no significance. They cannot handle the normal downs of life. Therefore, they are really pathetic people.

9:58 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Sonny-Shallow and pathetic...sad people with petty little lives!


11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said verityink, Every heart beats true for the Red White and Blue, yours beats probaly the truest, Iknow mine does and I'm sure glad my Irish ancestors caught the boat! And yeah, ''anon, do watch the language, my friend runs a respectable site here, dig? Johnnymac.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

I'll triple that but mine came from Greece. Matters not because they too were thankful to become Americans, not envious of what they did not have because they knew only America offered the most opportunities in the world.

They came here not knowing our language, worked, saved, started a business, raised 5 kids and died realizing every dream they had.

That's why I cannot handle pathetic whiners.

To have been born is the greatest gift possible, seconded only by living in the USA. Each of us are the result of the choices we make daily. "Our" choices. We all have the same Congress, the same President, the same job opportunities, the same educational opportunities, the same spousal choices, the same....................... The list is endless, but they are every one of them "our" choices to make, "our" judgement calls, and "our" responsibility for their result(s).

Got that whiners? Still hate America" Move to Britain or Canada. I prefer to surround myself with "positive" influences, not "negativity."

7:24 PM  

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