Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer LIES!


Torture: Sad But True
Seattle P.I. Editorial Board

The truth may set us free, but it can just as easily be embarrassing and, yes, inconvenient. That's a lesson Canada is learning the hard way -- publicly -- after putting the U.S. on the list of countries connected to "possible torture/abuse" of prisoners. It turns out others see the "harsh interrogation techniques" allowed by the Bush administration as torture.

The list is included in the internal government manual intended for Canadian diplomats to guide them in cases where Canadians have been tortured by foreign governments (it happens. See:
Maher Arar). But oh, they didn't mean to list the U.S., with whom neighborly relations are tricky (former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau likened being next door to the U.S. to sharing a bed with an elephant) but must nonetheless be maintained.

U.S. and Israeli ambassadors were shocked and offended to be on the same list as Iran and China. And so began the process to take the U.S. -- and possibly other countries --
off the list. Hey, Iran also calls the list biased. Our government maintains that it doesn't torture anyone. Funny thing about those who condone torture while under the guise of fighting a war to spread freedom and democracy around the world -- they're reluctant to admit to said torture.

Human rights activists are
up in arms over the move to white wash, sorry, we mean correct, the list, and so are we.

This is what happens when irresponsible officials from other countries make unfounded allegations that are too easily trumpeted by any Leftist nutbar out there. Here, without a shred of proof, the editorial board of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer--Roger Oglesby & Co.--has made a public statement owing that the claims of ONE Canadian muslim, with an ax to grind--and freedom to be obtained, are true.

This is an unconscionable, slanderous lie against the United States and Israel--and by a group that uses unfounded claims of 'torture' as a deliberate battle strategy wherein to gain easy treatment and early release of suspected terrorists. Thanks, Roger Oglesby for being the willing dupe and aid-and-abettor of those that wish to harm the United States and who easily believe we're always up to the very worst.

Though the original document was disseminated by a Canadian official--and not as a policy statement by the entire Canadian government--the damage to our reputation has been done. Now, every Leftist America-hater and ACLU lawyer can hop on the bandwagon the Canadian Office of Foreign Affairs has set in motion.

I doubt world opinion will read of any retractions or pooh-poohing it set out on p. 38 of section B, in maybe two or three weeks. (The same office that put out that crap in the first place needn't bother.) A high-placed Canadian government spokesperson should!

Mr. Oglesby, we have your number, too; you couldn't even GIVE away your newspaper to anyone in our family!


Blogger VerityINK said...

Oh, LES ISMORE = PROTEST WARRIOR, RUDY911, AND COPYRIGHT LAWYER (LOL!) your official Site Pest logo is now on my sidebar!

You are outta gas and cannot last!

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Blogger VerityINK said...

LES, it's not a positive 'shout out'--that's what we give to our allies and troops--not cowards who use 3-4-5 names to post crap on a message board you can't counter with a decent message.

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