Friday, February 01, 2008

MoveOn Endorses Barack Obama


MoveOn Endorses Barack Obama

In a resounding vote today, Political Action's members nationwide voted to endorse Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. The group, with 3.2 million members nationwide and over 1.7 million members in Super Tuesday states, will immediately begin to mobilize on behalf of Senator Obama. The vote favored Senator Obama to Senator Clinton by 70.4% to 29.6%.

Senator Obama accepted the endorsement stating:

"In just a few years, the members of MoveOn have once again demonstrated that real change comes not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up. From their principled opposition to the Iraq war - a war I also opposed from the start - to their strong support for a number of progressive causes, MoveOn shows what Americans can achieve when we come together in a grassroots movement for change. I thank them for their support and look forward to working with their members in the weeks and months ahead."

These are the people who took out the full-page ad in the NYT that called General David Petraeus "General BetrayUs". Remember who they back, and where their money goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, MoveON the pre-emient medeocrities, the crocuses on the political compost heap.If he were smart, Obama would be well served to steer clear of the Hitler Youth, they have a habit of eating their own. look what they did to Hillary. J'Mac.

4:33 PM  

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