Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Day After by Seth Swirsky

It’s disheartening that many on the Left’s interpretation of last nights significant Democratic victory (and I offer my heartfelt ‘congratulations’) is that they are taking back the country from the “fearmongers”. Did it ever occur to them that there is something to fear?

Radical Islam is metastisizing like a cancer across the world. It was doing this before George W. Bush came to power. “9/11” only focused our attention on it. George W. Bush, at least, confined this declared war on us to a battlefield — Iraq — where we must defeat the forces of radical Islam.

Everytime we grow a democracy, as we are in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s a another victory for us against “them”, those that want us dead. This isn’t complicated.By helping democracies grow and flourish in the mideast - a difficult but worthwhile endeavor — we give Muslims that might otherwise decide to join the expanding jihad against us (just as decent Germans in the 30s became Nazi sympathizers) an alternative: Democracy. This helps defeat Islamofascism - and yes, that is the correct term for it.

Yes, I fear “them”. I feel fear when I hear of the plot to blow up airliners over our cities. I feel fear when terrorists are caught in Florida or Great Britain or Canada (where they planned on beheading the Prime Minister). In Oslo, the same fate awaited the Israeli ambassador until the plot was foiled.

But, I mostly fear that what Osama bet on is true: that the American people, more precisely, the American Left, don’t have the stomach for this important war that the terrorists have declared and are waging. Oh, we can win it, but not with one hand tied behind our backs. Last night’s election was a victory for the forces of terror as it confirmed all that al-Qaida, et al, are betting on: when push comes to shove, America wants to change the channel.

So, I do congratulate the Democrats on their victory. I hope they use their new found power wisely, creatively and responsibly though I honestly don’t thnk they will. They are still fueled by anger towards Bush for having the audicity to win the election in 2000. The Left still can’t believe such an “idiot” was in charge of THEIR country. I predict, for Democrats, it’s revenge time. Investigations are coming because the Left still believe that Bush is the enemy, not radical Muslims.

And President Bush? I predict he forges ahead with the serious work that needs to be done: winning Iraq and confronting Iran immediately. The president justifiably doesn’t trust the Democrats and won’t leave office before the issue of Iranian nukes is dealt with, most likely, militarily. He allowed the Europeans to try diplomacy with Iran, but three years of talks produced continued Iranian defiance. In the end, Bush will not leave the fate of the country in Mrs. Clinton’s, or any Democrats hands, should they win in ‘08.

When cancer is diagnosed, the best course of action is aggressive not passive. That’s the course Mr. Bush took, after 9/11. It’s not time to abandon the patient now.


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