Monday, November 20, 2006

Getting Serious About Iran...

A Military Option:

As the impasse over Iran’s nuclear-weapons program grows inexorably into a crisis, a kind of consensus has taken root in the minds of America’s foreign-policy elite. This is that military action against Iran is a sure formula for disaster.

The essence of the position was expressed in a cover story in Time magazine this past September. Entitled “What War with Iran Would Look Like (And How to Avoid It),” the essay focused on what the editors saw as the certain consequences of armed American intervention in that country: wildly spiking oil prices, increased terrorist attacks, economic panic around the world, and the end to any dream of pro-American democratic governments emerging in the Middle East. And that would be in the case of successful action. In fact, Time predicted, given our overstretched resources and an indubitably fierce Iranian resistance, we would almost certainly lose.

Thus, in the eyes of Time’s experts as of many other observers, military action against Iran is “unthinkable.” What then can be done in the face of the mullahs’ implacable drive to acquire nuclear weapons?


Blogger The Merry Widow said...

They do to have a solution! It's called bend over and allow our collective fannies to be kicked. After all, we are Americans and we really, really deserve all the spankings we get! sarc/off
They just don't understand that they hate us, because they hate! PERIOD!


11:47 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You're absolutely right--the left sees this as George Bush's war against the Iraqis, period. They do NOT understand that Iraq is the frontline of a war with the west! They are the most execrably ignorant bunch I've ever met!

2:55 PM  

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