Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Kerry-Crowd...

The Cut 'n' Runners Are Coming Out Of the Woodwork At DU!

If this draft business goes through Congress and you don't want your child to get drafted, my advice to you all is to encourage your kid to learn Spanish and send them to Latin America. If not then Europe. To some country that is not supporting Bush's wars. Sadly, they will not be able to go to Canada anymore. Especially if they have a right-wing Prime Minister now.

Venezuela would be a best bet. Maybe Chile, Bolivia, or Costa Rica? Too many Americans down there. Your kids would be found out. But I seriously think these are options to consider. If not Latin America, then a country like Sweden, Switzerland, or Spain.

Ah yes, loyal to a fault! You think these brave, brave people can keep us safe? You think they could fight worth a damn if they WERE drafted?


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