Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Crap Opinions About War and the Draft From DU:

More Crap Opinions About War and the Draft From DU:

--It isn't right for the poor to be War Slaves, therefore it isn't right for anyone else to be War Slaves. You can't have one without the other. If Slavery is Wrong for Anyone, it is wrong for Everyone. (patrice)

--Rangel's Plan Has Another Option...You don't have to do military service just service to the country. And there are no exemptions except for medical. (lligrd)

--It won't be civilian input, it will be unwilling men and maybe women....all going in lockstep to certain slaughter. (Cascadian)

--I am very concerned, though, about the class issue, which has really gotten ugly in the last 50-years, in the sense that the people at the top feel such a sense of entitlement and lack of desire to sacrifice, I want to FORCE these folks into mixing with us common folks a bit more...maybe that's unrealistic, but shared sacrifice builds so much... (Dems2002)

--No, others are dying for a bunch of rich motherfuckers... Then again, I can see offering guaranteed tuition as a way to promote (peaceful) civil service. (Mythsaje)

--We need first to figure out what our armed forces are for. (hedgehog)

--One of the reasons I oppose it is simply this... One is effectively advocating that our children be compelled, under threat of force (which is what law ultimately is, btw) to give up certain (formerly) inalienable rights for a specific amount of time in order to achieve what--de-stratification of society? A more universal fear/dislike of war? Improve America's infrastructure? (Mythsaje)

--Oh great....yes, let's force people to be owned by the government. (BlackVelvet04)

--Other, much more progressive countries, have a mandatory service. Why are Americans so much better than others? (bobbolink)

--Forget it. People here pay lip service to the patriotism gig. When the rubber meets the road, apparently the republicans are right about the majority of us here. (acmejack)

NO, Dums, we conservatives already know what war is, and what our military is for. No, the poor do not make up the majority of our troops. And if you're so concerned about the 'rich' people mixing with us, then you can start by telling that to John Kerry and his 5 houses--along with Murtha, Kennedy, Dean, Moore, Edwards, Pelosi, the Clintons, and every other multimillionaire you've got in your stable of cowardly anti-American jackasses! You think THEY want to 'mix' with us 'little people'? Yeah, and I went sailing with Teddy last weekend!

Only the last guy got it right... they have no principles for which they are willing to fight.


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