Monday, November 20, 2006

Prairieson's Accurate Take:

In Response To A Questioning Soul About the Disaster In Iraq:

Winning was the only way to avoid genocide, Ace. This is what Bush and Blair realized from the beginning. Democratization was seen as the only way to avoid having to kill so many Muslims. They asked, do we want the blood of that many Muslims on our nations' hands without at least trying to divert it?

Why genocide? Well, let's say we're finally kicked out of the ME by Pelosi and the rest of the yellow-backed Democrats. Whatever becomes of Iraq will be largely immaterial because Iraq was meant to be the "example" for the Muslim masses. "You, too, can have this kind of responsive government if you help us help you overthrow the radicals."

Syria and Iran are preparing for their next round with Israel. Hezbollah has just about re-armed and rebuilt. Hamas is headed that way, as well. Iran will soon have nuclear weapons despite UN resolutions and when it does the UN will immediately try to condemn Israel for being upset about being attacked.

Every Al-Qaeda wannabe is trying to get its hands on any weapon that will give a black eye to the "Great Satan" but no one cares anymore. The vision of people jumping out of the burning Twin Towers has become almost a dream -- besides, it was a Cheney-Bush-Haliburton operation, anyway.

Suddenly, Israel disappears -- not without a fight but it will be simply overwhelmed by sheer number and quantity -- and still the US will draw back from actually launching an airstrike in anger. "Don't get us into another Vietnam-Iraq quagmire!" defeatists will yell. But what future president will be so foolish as to court abysmal popularity figures as Bush has done for the sake of a billion Muslims?

We all know what's coming now -- Europe may bare its throat but ultimately, the US will strike back. It will just take Super 9/11. So, finally, those mushroom clouds or dirty bomb clouds pop up over a few major cities in the US -- maybe much of DC is destroyed or rendered uninhabitable -- and the Statue of Liberty falls into the ocean while millions dance and celebrate in the streets of the Arab world. Then the rockets will fly, Amigo.

Rest assured, megatonage will be arcing toward Mecca and Tehran and Jakarta and all the inbetween droppings of the Blood God. Much of Saudi Arabia will become a radioactive wasteland and you can forget about ever backpacking through the mountains of Pakistan. Damascus? Beirut? Gone. Gone like dust in the wind. The source of Trojan tales. And along with them, tens of millions of Muslims and, in fact, the death toll there will likely be in the hundreds of millions.

Genocide on a scale never seen before all because, in the end, it was the only reaction left to us. Because back when Iraq could be won or lost, it became everyone's patriotic duty to point out just how badly things were going there and that we needed more boots on the ground or we should redeploy to Okinawa or run away because Bush lied anyway.

In the end, we can offer the Muslim world peace or war. Iraq was to be at the heart of our peace offering -- it was the message "come, join the civilized world and emerge from the caves so we may all live together." It was an attempt to stop 1939 from happening again.

It was going much better there than the news media has bothered to report. Until the insurgents got wind that we just might be on the verge of retreating, progress was being made steadily. Now that the insurgents know we'll probably turn tail and run, they're simply stepping up the bad news to hasten our retreat.

And how eager so many in this country are to feed on that bad news! But they can relax now.

It's too late, anyway. Bush has been emasculated and the Democrats will become absorbed in how high to raise taxes and how deep to bury the economy. The die have been cast and evil ones like bin Laden do not know it yet but they have chosen the death of their bretheren in numbers incomprehensible to the normal mind.

Prairieson blogs at Tarheel Redneck--check my sidebar for his link! He's a wonderful writer and our blog family version of Victor Davis Hanson!


Blogger JINGOIST said...

Yes indeed Senor PS! Well said sir, you are one talented writer!


1:50 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I love all PS's stuff--I even snatch his personal emails and slap 'em up, they're so good!

3:03 PM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

Thank you, Jingo and Donal. Since both of you write so well yourselves, the complement is doubly sweet.

Aren't we glad we paid attention during English class long ago? I don't know about you but someone with good command of the language always gets my respect. Not that I look down on anyone who doesn't consider writing their forte.

I am concerned about the youth coming up behind us. The education they are receiving in their native language is not nearly as rigorous.

Good, effective communication is crucial to a modern democratic and technological civilization, imho.

4:41 PM  

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