Friday, December 15, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Roast In Hell

Iran's "Holocaust" conference is wrapping up and a final report is due out in which it calls for the end of "Israel" and what amounts to a complete genocide of the Jews.

We've been here before and just like last time not enough of the right people are taking it seriously.These are the same people James Baker wants us to engage in dialog???

Now I know -- Jimmy Carter and James Baker are two of a kind. Lee Hamilton, too. The anti-Jews are all over the American political landscape. It's not just Jimmy Carter and James Baker -- far too many others in the GOP and the Democrat Party are caught in this insanity. Over at, the monitors are having to delete ENTIRE threads because of comments backing what David Duke said at this stupid conference. (Duke claims the "gas ovens" weren't for people -- as damnable a lie as has ever been uttered by a *human* being).

I tell you some of these people are going to hit Hell in supersonic mode when they die. And they damn themselves.

We need to send in -- just for this one purpose -- the best special ops team we can muster with just one goal: put as many bullets into Ahmadinejad as possible, extra pay for headshots on video. And his so-called "mentor" if possible.

Dwight Eisenhower was psychic -- he claimed that someday people would deny the whole thing ever took place. There are hours of film footage, thousands of photographs and entire libraries documenting the concentration camps, their purpose and operation. Survivors and even former camp guards have written eyewitness descriptions of what went on in those camps and why. We can trace the death camps to a particular meeting inside Nazi Germany that was held before the main war started.

The Nazis mechanized death with a cold efficiency I do not think has a parallel in the history that went before. They put it on a tight accounting basis and the death industry got resources even before the military sometimes. There is no denying any of these facts except by people I hope never to associate with in any capacity.

What is the hell wrong with people today? Are we doomed to keep repeating these travesties until God finally says "enough!" and starts over with a clean slate?

This shit really bothers me. My mother was Czechoslovakian--both her parents were. (Which makes me fully half Czech). Catholic yes, but my mother not-so-dimly understood that, if Hitler could extinguish anyone he developed fantastical paranoia about, it wouldn't be long before he came for them, too. I have people in my family who well remember Lidice... my grandmother still spoke some Czech... My mother educated us at a very early age about things like the ovens, the Bataan Death March, Pearl Harbor. (Besides, also teaching us the very decent fact that moral human beings do not go around extinguishing people simple because they don't like them.)

My Dad, even during Watergate, did not allow us to call Nixon names or be disrespectful to him. "Criticize what he has done--call him a crook, if he's been a crook, but you won't call him a bastard in my house. He's still the President of the United States". My Dad--uneducated, from a small farm town on Colorado's Western Slope, with a short fuse, and few social graces--wouldn't have dreamed of not standing in a receiving line or not shaking the hand of President Bush. America was America, and he knew right from wrong, Mr. Webb.

The totally classless and clueless people at DU need to wake up. Ahmadinejad is quite serious about his intentions. Oh, he can play the buffoon, and they can chalk it all up to bluster and histrionics, but this is 1938, and we must stop this second Holocaust-in the-making.


Anonymous bobcat said...

Great rant Prairieson - you're a helluva writer! You keep making me want to say "Yeah, what HE said!"

7:38 AM  
Anonymous day said...

Good for you and Prairieson. We NEED strong people to take a stand. Nobody need be silent AGAIN.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes P

While Hitler did not make it a secret that he will cleanse the world of anyone who is not ARIAN, the world did not take him seriously and believed that he was only after the JEWS which was a good thing .

With the EU replacing the murdered JEWS with violent Muslims we can see what a good thing that was.

Killing the monster from IRAN is a good thing indeed and it should be done NOW before the big catastrphy he plans for us will start taking place.

Good to run into you ,friend.


9:01 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

God, he's such a sniveling jackass...said NO country considered the U.S.A. a friend... Fine, let's treat him like the enemy of ours that he is--and kick his ass.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post Mrs.D. Your mother,God bless her,raised you right. It should be clear enough from the lessons of history that the only thing a thug like this Iranian pip-squeak,the David Dukes and Holocaust deniers of the world understand is violence. Violence directed at them to stop them because,as history painfully shows,diplomacy,concessions and appeasement achieve nothing. Six years of the most cataclysmic,destructive,horrific war in humanitys exsistence left our lexicon with the phrase "Never Again''. Well,'Never Again'' is about to happen again if this little madman isn't stopped. Johnnymac

10:15 AM  

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