Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fatty Hicks Betrays Supporters

Fatty Hicks Betrays Supporters
By Tim Blair

DEAR: David Hicks/Abu Muslim Australia/Abu Muslim Australii/Abu Muslim Philippines/Mohammed Dawood/Ade Laide Daewoo/Ali Baba Yabba Dabba Doo,

We the undersigned wish to register our anger and disgust at your guilty plea before the unlawful kangaroo court convened illegally at the unconstitutional Guantanamo Bay gulag by illicit operatives of unelected US imperialist-in-chief George Warpig Bush.

We've worked long and hard to secure your freedom only to have you throw all our effort down the toilet by ... attempting to secure your freedom. The injustice is sickening.

While we were fiercely protesting the endless delays to your court appearance and bravely ignoring the fact these delays were caused by your own legal team, you were apparently plotting all along to plead guilty in a sinister bid to return as quickly as possible to Australia.

All of us who campaigned so long for your quick return to Australia are reeling at this slap in the face.

Do you know how many people you've let down, David/Abu/Mohammed/Ade/Ali?


This was one of the funniest pieces I've ever read! It refers to a Gitmo prisoner who has gone on for years, chapter and verse, about how he's been unfairly imprisoned--and then, when he finally gets to court, he pleads GUILTY to the charge, after all!

(And he managed to survive his 'torture' there by coming out tanned and FAT and sassy!) Yessiree, we're mean to 'em there; Gitmo is hell on earth! What a dope!


Anonymous bobcat said...

I loved his name! It was two yards long and it STILL sounded all the same!

4:27 AM  
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