Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We're With Ya, Tony!

God Bless Tony Snow; we offer you all our prayers for a complete recovery.


Anonymous Les Ismore said...

Hopes and prayers to Mr. Snow as well as the Edwards family.

Just reinforces the basic fact that despite our differences, we are all the same, susceptible to the same highs and lows in our lives. We all have families who love us, friends who hope and pray for our best, and departed kin who we miss so much.

1:32 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

It's a terribly sad thing. Tony is SUCH a class act. He always exuded class while the David Gregorys and Helen Thomas' of the world spewed pure venom at him, he always maintained his calm and good cheer.

Tony we love you pal and will include you and Liz Edwards in our daily prayers. G-d bless you!


3:18 PM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

God Bless you, Tony!

5:34 PM  

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