Friday, April 13, 2007

Anti-War Protesters At Walter Reed...

Anti-War 'Easter Bunny' Colors Holiday at Walter Reed
By Payton Hoegh

With temperatures dropping into the low 30s, Easter weekend felt more like Christmas in the nation's capital -- and with anti-war protestors dressing in creepy costumes, it looked more like Halloween to some critics, too.

CodePink, Veterans for Peace and other anti-war groups have been holding weekly demonstrations outside Walter Reed Hospital for almost two years.


This is absolutely inexcusable! It's no better than how our vets were treated after Viet Nam. The Code Pink Commies need to be banned from the property; if I were a wounded vet, they be a MOST egregious sight from my hospital window!


Anonymous bobcat said...

They better hope one of those men doesn't take out his gun and solve that problem...

9:31 AM  
Anonymous cassie said...

Boy, that's the truth! I hate these war protesters that help our enemies so much!

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone ought to turn a firehose on these bastards and wash them down the street, they stink up a place of honor. I'm one of many Americans I'm sure who feel events concerning the war on terror, the domestic discourse at home and Iraq are speeding towards what astronomers would call an ''event horizon'', the edge of a black hole, the super gravitational center of a dead star, where the pull of gravity is so strong, nothing, not even light can escape it. We are fast approaching an ''event horizon'', with a presidental election a year away, with our armed forces committed over seas, fighting for our nations survival and indeed, the survival of Western civilization. And against this back drop are Leftists, home-grown American Islamofacists and the Democratic Party which for all intents and purposes has turned itself into a shill for the appeasement of terror. All of this I feel is spinning out of control and I really wonder where we will be as a nation in a few years. There is every chance the Dems could win in 08 and the jihadis are not afraid of the Dems. One only need to look at the "Damascus Diva'',aka nacy Pelosi to see the future if these people win. Be afraid, be very afraid. Johnnymac.

4:41 PM  
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