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The Horrific Truth Come To Light

The Horrific Truth Come To Light
By Batya Dagan

That Israel has endless enemies is nothing new. We have been aware of this plague for years. When Israel goes to war she fights on two fronts: the Arab enemy—that is, in fact, the enemy of the entire free world that chooses to dump its head in the Muslim-Arab sand—and the enemy that is calling itself media.

Why did the international media choose to fight alongside the Islamic monster that wants to annihilate Israel is a question we struggle with but cannot find the appropriate answer for it. What does the international media outfits, that represent the international community, have to gain from the extinction of Israel is not at all clear. It does not make any sense; what does the sick world have to gain when, in place of a flourishing, talented and progressive democracy, a terror entity will be established and the land of Israel will turn to be training camp grounds for terrorists?

Though we all know this already, to our ‘joy,’ a thorough investigation to check this wicked sickness was finally conducted and brought to the top headlines.

Under the auspices of Harvard University Media Relations Center, the veteran journalist Marvin Kalb dug deep into the matter and came out shocked to his core. The international media—to include the lying and failing American media—acted as an assisting fighting arm alongside Hezbollah. The media worked hard and used all the tools offered to it to lie for Iran against Israel.

For a long while, we knew that Hezbollah did not allow any journalist a free entry pass to the front line of the battlefield—civilian neighborhoods—where Hezbollah planted itself and from where they shot rockets into Israel. This villain trick was already known but the international media chose to ignore and overlook it. Each and every citizen that got killed or injured on the civilian neighborhood battlefield was the victim of Israel rather than Hezbollah.

All of Hezbollah’s lies and games were gladly bought by the fools calling themselves journalists. However, media it was not, propaganda it was; propaganda that tried so hard to present itself an objective media. One has to have a great deal of energy for this kind of trashy behavior.

Only one neighborhood was destroyed, the Hezbollah neighborhood. The media however showed us an entire destroyed-and on-fire-town. One person killed and the media showed us a dozen ambulances rushing to the scene. Worst, because Israel is a democracy, the media could hear and see things that could hurt Israel’s national security. They went ahead to publish the information, thus, passing it on to the enemy and damaging Israel’s national security.

The f***** up UN rotten UNIFL troops did just the same. They helped the enemy with messages. They cautioned Hezbollah about up coming Israeli attacks. They accused Israel of killing innocents—aiming at the wrong address—but there was nowhere to be found media personnel to check, to protest and claim the truth.

We are fully aware and not at all surprised of the Arab media distortion and lies about Israel. However, it is difficult to get used to the idea that our world’s free media is more or less in the same boat with the falsity of the Arab media. What a shame.

Kalb found that the majority of the American media was for Hezbollah and against Israel. It is simply astonishing. A terror organization, an extension of maniacal Iran, gets good press coverage and is justified for shooting thousands of rockets and missiles into Israel as well as kidnapping soldiers! And Israel is the one to have caused the poor Lebanese civilians all the suffering.

How can one fall into such deep hole of stupidity? And here we are allowed to tell the truth. It appears that there is difference between ‘allowed’ and ‘desirable’. Because of its sickening and unexplainable hate toward democratic Israel, the American press deteriorated to the point that it knowingly lied on behalf of the terrorists. This included the photographers who took photos of new toys they scattered over destroyed homes before taking the photo so they can extract a tear from the American public that has not yet got accustomed to the idea that the media constantly lies to them and the time has come to stop believing them.

From the press pile of rubbish, Kalb fishes out the Australian Herald Sun as the only newspaper to have published photos showing Hezbollah troops shooting their rockets from their homes and from rooftops and balconies of civilians’ homes. The International media obtained its “information” from “Al-Manar,“ the Hezbollah’s “Pravda,“--and not from seeing or from first hand sources but, in spite of this, they published the information as if it was truthful, originating from first hand sources.

We are looking at years of media deceit, deceit that has caused the loss of life of many innocent lives. I am very grateful to Marvin Kalb for revealing this horror. We shall see what will happen next. Will these big liars decide to change and begin telling the truth? Or is it way too late for them to change and will they continue feeding us with lies that will bring about the death of many more good ones?


Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Batya-We are warned by G*D that Jerusalem will be a millstone TO THE WHOLE WORLD!
Every man, woman, child and nation WILL be judged by HIM as to how they treated Israel and Abraham's children! We are seeing the outworking of the spiritual in the physical.
IT IS A SPIRITUAL MATTER! We will beat our heads against the wall until we accept it! I am not surprised by it, but grieved because it means that G*D is getting ready to move in a mighty way. The Time of Jacob's Trouble will soon be upon us, but a source of comfort. And I will sed it to Donal so she can send it to you!
In the mountains between Bethel and Jerusalem, satellites have taken a picture of a series of vallies that perfectly spell out G*D's Name! HE is nearer than your next breath!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


3:42 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

You can tell I haven't finished my coffee yet!


3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks ,W

I totally believe that Israel is forever.

I am just so sad that the people of Israel have to suffer so much .

I also know that many Christians are connected to the land and to the people of Israel.

Knowing this is good for my soul.

Thanks fot the pic too, friend.


8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all

Donal has a Hebrew name -YOFI - BEAUTIFUL.


Thanks, YOFI, for putiing this up .

Truly important info the infamous MSM will not rush to tell us.



9:27 AM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

Israel is but one in a list of several the liberal media hate. They also hate America, particularly those who reside in the "red states" of this nation. And they hate Republicans and conservatives and Libertarians and they really hate the military. Anyone who is brave and courageous, who stands up in the face of evil, fights evil, destroys evil, triumphs over evil, is to be feared as far as liberals are concerned. Why? Is it because they are cowards? Is it because they are not able to compete with strong, resilient, courageous individuals and therefore have tried to convince mankind that good character traits are character flaws? Because the only world they've got a shot at being in power, authority and control of is one in which the weak, cowardly, deranged and irretrievably stupid are allowed to be taken seriously. When did we start buying into this crap? When are we going to realize we bought a pile of horse manure and stop this bullshit? I hope it's before terrorists and their sponsor-nations get their hands on nukes.

9:55 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Patsy, the Dem candidates wouldn't even debate on FOX News channel! They're hardly in a position to stand up to anything else. Our Republican candidates let the Libbies run the show even unto being moderated by a Liberal commentator! It's not OUR side that is chicken shit!

2:17 PM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

So what else is new. The media has been infiltrated by socialists and communists for years. And they do whatever then can as an extention of another infected group, the Democrats, and yet another, university professors, and yet another, journalists, and the UN, to further Marxism's grip throughout the world, including Israel and the USA.

Surprised? I'm not.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batya that was an OUTSTANDING article! Olmert was the first one to blame in my opinion for the debacle of this last "conflict" Israel had. Weakness will ALWAYS invite trouble from evil doers, and Olmert is weakness on steroids!

Marvin Kalb is a welcome addition to the ranks of those who have finally figured it out. He's a life-long lefty and I'd tuned him out for years because of that. I wonder what caused his "road to Damascus." Again, well done batya and thanks DONAL for posting this!


5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks , Morgan.

It is always a nice and welcomed surprise when a Lefty sees the light.

What happened in the last war was so obvious that I WAS SHOCKED THAT THE ENTIRE MSM could not come forth with one honest reporter...

It is really important to spread this story because the MSM will not do it , as we all know .

Thanks again Morgan , ink brother.


6:53 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Welcome, Sonny! Come back often!

8:27 PM  

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