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Why Islam Is So Angry

Why Islam Is So Angry
By Batya Dagan

For centuries Islam was secure within its borders to run its unjust, cruel and vicious so-called religion. No one came from the outside to ask questions or to want to affect changes.

Sadly, for Islam, the good old days came to an end with the communication revolution. The INTERNET and satellite TV brought into the Muslim world the other world, our world, a world that is a terrible danger to Islam simply for being what it is.

The western idea of the sanctity of the individual and the equal rights for both men and women are spelling the end of Islam as it was practiced for 1400 years.

We in the west did not realize that the individual has no standing in Islam. If the Mullahs sentenced someone to death, no one asked questions but gathered around to watch or to help by stoning the individual to death.

Pity does not dwell in the Muslim world.

Islam is finding itself on a collision course with the west and its culture and is shaking in its sandals with fear.

This is why Iran NEEDS to have NUKES.
This is why Hezbolla worked so hard on undermining the western media's objectivity and got their own propagandists to sell their stories--lies all.

This is why CAIR is buying congressmen like JOE SESTAK and KEITH ELLISON.
This is why CAIR buys the governor of Pennsylvania, ED RANDELL.
This is why a not-so-shiny-star like MS. PELLOSI is being courted by CAIR.

There is a certain panic that we do not seem to see in the Muslim world.
They are scared to death of US.

This is why HAMAS went as low as hijacking our MICKEY to sell their death cult to the children of GAZA.
While they never invented anything themselves, they do know how to steal our inventions and use them against us. Thus, the communication revolution works to spread their malignancy all over the world, too.

They have one huge advantage on us: They know that they are in death struggle with us while WE DO NOT KNOW IT YET!

We are so naive that we still think that we got hit badly on 9/11, and a few more times, here and there.
We refuse to admit to ourselves that Islam is fighting us simply because it is its only way not to succumb to our way of life.

The main enemy was, and is, SAUDI ARABIA.

I am mad as hell at President Bush for not demanding that the sand king recognize Israel's right to exist.

The President knows that this jihad craze comes from the Saudis. The President should have said to the miserable king, "Put an end to jihad or I put an end to you."

Instead, it is this monster king who tells us what to do .

How can we fight the real enemy if we do not want to acknowledge who he is?

Then comes IRAN.

While these two are also enemies of each other, they will get together against us on a moment's notice.

One of them needs to go first and fast if it does not stop its terror.
The other will fall if we will choke it with sanctions.

Turkey needs to be watched, too, as it is battling itself regarding going back to Islam.

For God's sake--if I know this, why can't the President know this?

Islam is angry because we are pulling the rug from under its feet.

As we are a danger to Islam, Islam is a danger to us.
I never heard of a better reason to go to war and then to fight and WIN.

Thank you, sis for this excellent, excellent piece you wrote. Everyone needs to read it, for sure!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Yofi

However I do have to admit that I constantly learn from BAT YEOR and BERNARD LEWIS who know so much about Islam and teach us about it .

The trick is to listen and learn.

The information is out there - just need to grab it .

And now - to fight .


8:50 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You put it in a very heart-felt, believable form. You make it available to more and more people--that is our 'fight'!

People in America rarely hear the info and articles you write and send me--so good job, sis!

9:45 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Batya-It boils down to the Kingdom of Light vs. the Kingdom of Darkness, unfortunately the west is swallowing the lie that we represent darkness. We are far from perfect, Lord knows, BUT to us life has sanctity. Which is the side of G*D!


3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done batya! There are practical reasons for our not attacking the sand monkeys in Saudi, but I know how you feel. Iran is another story. We had better do something SOON!


3:54 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

Excellent piece, Batya, and right on the nose.

But there are some in Islamic society who are privileged. Those who have no individual rights were simply not born to the right people.

The imans are the most threatened and they know it. Those images coming in from everywhere show a life most of the young Moslems want, at least in part, for themselves but can't have because they had the misfortune of being born within a barbaric religion.

But many in the upper classes, in places like Kuwait and even Saudi Arabia, go outside of their respective countries when they want to gamble and drink. The Arab Sheiks are said to love Las Vegas (because what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas which is a good thing if you happen to be related to the Saud royal family).


8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Arnold

The corruption in the Muslim world is truly beyond words.

As you said - the rich go outside of their hell holes and commit every sin in the book and then some.

Islam now is more a facade then the real thing , especially by the rich and those who can actually read.

I will say that Islam is truly all about LYING .

The rich rulers need to keep the masses uninformed and uneducated which is going to get harder and harder as COMMUNICATION spreads the truth about our ways of life , enough to wet the apatitie of the "yearning masses".

Islam basically lost the war .Now we need the DEMS to understand that and relize that they are fighting on the loser's side.

They remind me of a Japanese soldier who was in the jungles of ASIA 30 AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD HIM THAT.

Thanks for your comment, friend.


12:21 PM  

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