Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cuckcoo DU... Their Sky Is Falling

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FROM DU: Bush Will Now Seize Your Assets After He Declares National Emergency

You are listed to be "threatening" the economic and political stabilization efforts in Iraq. You will be removed and everything your own will be taken. No prior notice. No way to fight back and no-one is allowed to help you, will disappear either into the streets or to a camp of some sort.

Under this EO, the dictatorial package is complete all that is needed is the catalyst. Bush will now be able to dictate away, by Executive Order, any citizen and their assets without due process or prior notice. Once you are rounded up, all your stuff will be taken to fund the war. You will have no money and no way to defend yourself. And anyone who tries to help you... will have the same done to them.

Steps to a dictator state: First you seize power, test it, then grant yourself authority, test it again then eliminate dissent and opposition by bending the law. Declare the opposition in violation of nation security, then you make the "body" disappear and the all signs that the person existed erased. It is coming. Be afraid. Impeach Now. (LeftHander)

EO: Blocking Property Of Those Who Threaten Stabilization In Iraq

--Who is the greatest threat to the stabilization of Iraq on the planet? The incredibly large embarrassment to the party of integrity and honesty, that's who.

--Who decides what constitutes "undermining efforts..."?

--Is posting on DU and saying that we need to withdraw the troops now constitute "undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq"?

--It can mean whatever they want it to mean. Is anyone else talking about this? [pats mic] Is this thing on?!?!

--OMG! How can we, as a nation, allow this to happen?

--Maybe this is why this administration has been thumbing their noses at us for so long. Ignoring subpeonas, keeping everything secret. They seem to know no one will do anything to stop them. And when martial law begins we are really doomed. They are the terrorists.

--We need to call our Reps and Senators yes, we do and question them on this. Let's put it out there, has Keith reported on this yet? Lord Pissypants does not his invasion to end, this could be for who Congress, us????

--Bush has expanded the scope of the Presidential powers via executive orders since. What Congress should do now is pass a joint resolution declaring the 911 National Emergency Over... otherwise Bush will be able to do as he pleases in terms of preserving his power.

--Sounds as though he is trying to amend the Constitution through executive order. Because, I think his intent is to quell all opposition to his policy in Iraq. Voicing opposition in public is tantamount, in this administration's eyes as giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

I can easily envision this executive order being enacted among a certain few prominent dissenters, to keep everyone in line. He's playing a very dangerous game with this particular order. If he chooses to enact it, he will have the peasants, with pitchforks marching on Washington. That's when the revolution begins...

--The laser ray guns are ready and waiting for us.


Anonymous prairieson said...

Bush Police taking inventory of assets seized from DU monkeys:

"One bong pipe ... check."

"One baggie with suspicious contents ... check."

"One 'Inconvenient Truth' DVD ... check."

"One unemployment check, uncashed ... check."

"Man, we hit the jackpot in this dump, eh?"


Love the chicken gif, Donal. You will find lots of uses for it.


7:47 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Too true, those drugs will make a paranoid out of you!


3:46 AM  

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