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DUers See Neither Forest OR Trees

Wesley K. Clark: "Al Qaeda Is Not An Existential Threat"

"Al Qaeda is not an existential threat to the United States the way the Soviet Union was...Thus far, we don’t have an opposing superpower against us, no matter how much the neoconservatives long for this. Perhaps the neoconservatives believe that we can only be defined by having an enemy."

July 1, 2007-NYT Magazine interview with Wesley K. Clark:

A DUer Is Impressed...

What remarkable insight, and that's exactly it. For decades, America was defined by it's opposition to the Soviet Union and communism, and many know of no other way to define America except by having an enemy that threatens our very existence. There is another way to define America, and that's by constitution and moral authority of our ideals.

That's what the 08' election is going to be about: fear vs. ideals. And that is the choice before us: paralyze efforts to advance the spirit of our constitution and the cause of freedom, or reclaim our moral authority and advance our ideals.

The ability to speak truth to power the way Clark does makes him the Democrat with the best chance of winning in 08' by reminding Americans of the power of our ideals to overcome our fears. (calteacherguy)

Oh, the Demmies think they're SO special... They think they're so forward-thinking and clever! They'll easily write some doggerel like 'many know of no other way to define America except by having an enemy that threatens our very existence' without ever realizing that the Dems have made US the enemy.

They have made President Bush, Dick Cheney, his staff--even underlings like Scooter Libby--more of an enemy to them than Al Qaeda could ever be!

They have accused our Republican party of carrying out the 9/11 attacks, lying about the Pentagon, intriguing to get the United States into a war for it's own personal enrichment, spiriting citizens of other countries away to secret prisons where they are mercilessly tortured--and all manner of deceit, domestic terrorism, and circumventing the laws.

Democrat party members have never accused the bombers of the WTC, the hijackers who flew into the Pentagon, those who rammed into the USS Cole, the bombers of the Khobar Towers and African embassies, the murderer of Leo Klinghoffer and the Israeli athletes, the train/subway bombers in Madrid and London, those who destroyed a Bali nightclub (resulting in grievous loss of life), the beheaders of Daniel Pearl, the hijackers of British sailors, the captors of Tehran hostages--or anyone else--of ONE TENTH of that!

They think WE threaten their 'very existence'. They say, at a huge number of Lefty blogs and message boards, that they are more afraid of us and President Bush than they'd ever be of some 'outside' threat. Even John Edwards came out and said that the War On Terrorism is nothing but a bumpersticker'. Now, we have Wesley Clark echoing the same thing!

All the Democrat presidential candidates for '08 say they will defend us if we are attacked first. However, that means they're willing to sacrifice an LA, or Philly, or Houston, or Miami, or Manhattan, or Boston, or Chicago--and untold American lives--before they'd even consider lifting a finger in self-defense. And that is simply unacceptable.

For America, Israel, and Europe to remain safe, leaders are going to have to emerge with a plan that steps up to the threat of nuclear weapons. They'll have to realize that 'allowing' a first attack by an enemy--tossing it off as collateral damage--will not work in a world full of nuclear weapons.

The Democrats are quick to blame America and Israel for the death of every single Iraqi or Palestinian civilian that terrorists hide amongst or store their weapons, but they are willing to write-off a major American city--or several of them at once--because they are unwilling to weigh the risks of a preemptive strike and formulate a realistic plan of self-defense.

Maybe losing a city or two (or 4-5!) is okay for the monied Kerrys, Kennedys, Pelosis, Deans, Gores, Clintons, Obamas, Reids, Murthas, etc. of the world--who easily have the means and prestige to set up a fulfilling life elsewhere (and can convince themselves it won't be their city that gets hit) but that's not an option for ALLLLLLLLLLLL the rest of us.

They need to stop all their 'we-are-the-world' whoop-de-do and get down to the business of being a plain ol' AMERICAN. The 'spirit of our constitution' or our 'reclaimed moral authority' won't mean a damned thing if we're dead.

Bush Derangement Syndrome notwithstanding, WE are NOT the enemy. It may be comforting for the Demmies to think so (I guess that's easier to take than thinking there really IS an outside entity that wants you dead) but that's not reality.

I don't know if Sun Tzu ever stated it in his tome 'The Art Of War' but common sense ought to tell anyone that the first thing you do when waging war (or in keeping yourself safe) is correctly identifying your opponents. So far, the Dems have done a spectacularly lousy job of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DONAL your rant was SPECTACULAR! Bravo Zulu to you and I'm gonna put you in for a Naval Achievement Medal for that one!

I also noticed that Wesley used the term "neoconservatives." I'll never forget that Ann Coulter wrote over a year ago that "neocon is what a liberal says instead of dirty Jew." The truth of this statement has stuck because it's true what she says about liberal codespeak. Wes has a Jewish parent right? I thought it was his mother and if I remember correctly that bit of information came out during the last election. I probably should have checked it out before I wrote.

I've noticed something else about everything these fools write. It's the OPPOSITE of the truth. Since they view us conservatives as evil, hate-filled, racist, biggoted, greedy, war-mongering, sexist homophobes, THEY are battling EVIL instead of an opposing political ideology.

You and I both know that in the battle against evil incarnate the gloves are off completely. There is no such thing as holding yourself to a "single standard" of moral behavior and truthfulness when you are fighting "evil." As a matter of fact lies, prevarications and a conveniently short memory for history are but a few of the arrows in the radical leftist quiver.

Take for instance the DUer that DONAL quoted in this piece. He claims strong affinity for the Constitution and "freedom." For us sentient conservatives that means he cares strongly for LIFE, LIBERTY, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and maybe even the 1st and 2nd Amendments...

I'll bet he's for unlimited abortion on demand. At taxpayer expense too. So much for LIFE.

As for LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, gimme a break, he's a leftist. They crave a nanny state which KILLS these ideals!

Do you think our DUer is a champion of the 1st Amendment? I'll bet he longs for the "fairness doctrine" and loved McCain-Feingold. He's probably one of those lefties who think of crucifixes being submerged in a jar of urine as a "protected form of speech", but wants Rush and Sean OFF the air now!

Let's not even talk about the 2nd Amendment. Rosy's bodyguards are the only people who should be allowed to "keep and bear arms" as far as they're concerned.

Here are a few great quotes from famous communists to shed some light (run lefties!) on what I'm saying:

1. "The ends justifies the means."
2. "All that exists deserves to fall."

Hopefully these two quotes will help us conservatives to put leftist behavior into context. To us the constant left-wing blizzard of lies seems like madness.

It's important to remember, to our emotional friends the ends justifies the means.


5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also DONAL the left HAS identified their enemy, and it's Conservatives.

Great reference to Sun Tzu. Clauswitz probably said it too.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

You guys are so funny. If you think DU speaks for the Democratic party, you are probably the only ones in America that do...I mean really, get a grip. Do you speak for the Republican party? I dont think so...(at least I sure hope not!) How about FR?
Try reading these blogs.

These are representative of more mainstream Democrats.

And believe me Morgan, Democrats dont see Republicans as the enemy. Some Republicans have done some things in the last 7 years that would make T Jefferson, A Hamilton, A Lincoln and others spin in their graves but that is just a handful of Republicans. I think the vast majority are like my next door neighbor.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Les the phone is ringing so after this post I have to go. There is NO denying that in the Democrat Party, the "center" has moved noticibly to the left. This is a fact. Nonetheless I referred to "liberals", "fools", the "radical left", "lefties", "leftists", "DUers" and "communists" in my post. I didn't use the word Democrat.

In this context do you care to tell me which part of my post is untrue? I didn't think so.


6:36 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

MORGAN--Thank you so much for your compliments! They really mean the world to me! I respect your opinion so much--loved your answer to the doof--I put mine up after this one...

Yes, I remember Ann saying that about Leftists meaning 'neocon = dirty Jews' and it made me laugh again so hard this morning, I spilled my coffee! Ann's a real card!

What you said is absolutely the truth. Of course, Les will never see it--even after we just spelled it out in nearly one-syllable words! I know I can't make mine any plainer than I did!

9:46 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

P.S. With your fine list of adjectives, Morgan, I'll gladly use the word 'Democrat'! LOL! (I'd call 'em all commies, too, though!)

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

"In this context do you care to tell me which part of my post is untrue? I didn't think so."

Well, you didnt really say anything factual to disprove, just a bunch of vague opinions based on half-truths, lies and the like. Nothing to disprove.

This is what I said:
"If you think DU speaks for the Democratic party, you are probably the only ones in America that do."

Time and time again, everyone (well maybe everyone but you) has said DU speaks for Democrats like me and the 70% of the country that identifies with Democratic values. That is what I think is soooo funny. What a warped view of your world, friends and neighbors.

Donal, in Seattle, you have alot of friends who are Democrats. Do you shun them?

10:43 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--I use the Internet and my blog--as well as my Net 'clubhouse', prayer group, and home in which to exercise my political opinions--not my social relationships.

You are, once again, running from giving Morgan a specific answer. He has asked you on numerous occasions to provide specific examples of your charges and you do not. One has to conclude that, if you could prove what you say, you would.

11:29 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

And, frankly, I do not have a warped view of the world--I am polite and tactful when dealing with social realities--as I've always been.

I discuss sex, religion, and politics with very few people; there are many other topics about which to converse.
Also, there are many more Leftists here than there are Republicans. I do not respect Leftist shtick, so I don't willingly hang around large groups of them here.

They are not respectful or tolerant of Republican views, run from providing proof of their allegations--as you do--and are rude to anyone who does not think exactly as they do. I find most of them to be self-righteous and thinking their rights matter more than anyone elses.

There IS no mutuality among the Dems--there's just loudmouthed yelling, lack of morals, self-righteous proclaiming, and demeaning their opponents.

Why would I want to hang around with people who key our cars, shoot out our Bush stickers in our windows, scream at us downtown, disrespect our police, play the race card every chance they get, riot in our streets, protest every time military equipment (the equipment you Lefties say our boys need 'so badly') ships out of our bases on the coast, vandalizes our Veteran's cemetaries, encourages our McChord boys to desert, supports that awful Watada(?), spikes our trees, burns down our newly finished houses, ruins our mink ranches, protests Weyerhauser every tree they cut, supports the Alcoholic hotel downtown and mollycoddles the child molesters here?

Those aren't ANY kind of the values I hold! I don't admire and respect people who spit on the Blue Angels here and call their planes 'war machines'. I don't respoect any part of the Left, so no, they are not widely distributed in my circle of acquaintance. I didn't like the hippies when I was growing up in the 1960's and '70's--and 40 years later they are no more charming.

My father thought America was the greatest country on earth--and this was during Watergate as well--and he demanded we always respect it. (He'd often tell us as we watched the trials that 'you can call Dick Nixon a liar if it's been proven he lied--you can even call him a crook, if you think he is one--but you will not cuss him, call him a bastard or slander him with things that are untrue').

(Just think how many of us your side has lost just because you call the President Chimpy McNuts, and say the Virgin Mary was filled with sticky holy c**...)

It makes a difference in how you're perceived. Rather than rail at me for quoting the Left/Dems own opinions, feelings and views, why don't you encourage your own to clean up their act and stop making everything so ugly? Then you might get our respect.

You can start by not bad-mouthing anyone, any Republican leader, or this country on July 4th... and calling down those who do.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

"You are, once again, running from giving Morgan a specific answer."

What specifically was he asking? I will be happy to respond but I have read his posts over and over and dont see anything specifically he is asking.

If he is asking if the Dems are moving to the left well I would say no. Look to the 2006 elections. I think Morgan himself said the Dems elected more conservatives. Wasnt that the rationalization back then?

12:36 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Les, just quit tap dancing and play things straight! Answer Morgan--he's a very articulate man, he doesn't stutter!

12:38 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

The truth is plain, but those who are blinded will never see it. To them, every fact, every piece of evidence is a singularity, an outlier, another quirk that they can explain away. This makes a threadbare rag of their consistency, but as long as they can keep dancing around issues, and outrun the spirit of reflection, they'll be fine. I suspect that the reason why so many leftists are unhinged is because they are so weary with the effort to keep their mentally duct-taped worldview together.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

As I said, what specifically was he asking? Thats not tap dancing, that is asking a simple question. I will check back later and be sure to answer Morgans question.

2:51 AM  

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