Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beware the September Protests

Q & A About the Iraq Anti-War Movement:
By Kyle-Anne Shiver
--American Thinker

Beginning August 28, America will witness the new thrust of Anti-Iraq War Protests. The aim of these protests is exactly the same as the other protests you have seen to date: altering the public perception of the War, thereby manipulating public opinion (polling) against the war.

True or False?

Q. The Anti-Iraq War Protests are spontaneous eruptions of true American discontent with the War -- its objectives, its means, and its results so far.


These Anti-War protests are carefully planned by professional organizers to maximize press coverage, and to give the "illusion" that they are "spontaneous eruptions of true American discontent".

In fact, organization for "the wave" of protests set for next week has been in the planning stage for months. The operational phase begins August 28, and it will receive massive press coverage.

Q. The protesters you see on television are just ordinary Americans, making huge, personal sacrifices of time and money just to let the Country know how much discontent there is over the Iraq War.


Many of these protestors are just doing the jobs they were paid to do - nothing more. The only difference between "them" and honest Americans working in factories and offices, in civil service and schools, is that their job will get them on the network news - and yours will not. Their job is to convince individuals in our American Congress that they will "face political extinction" if they do not "help end the War" - NOW.

Some of these protestors you will see on your televisions and in your newspapers have been "on the payroll" of a massively funded group of 527 organizations all summer. They are being paid $400 cash per week PLUS "free" housing PLUS "free" gasoline. For the past 3 months, they have been in the "professional demonstrator" training program that includes the following: "training in political messaging, earned media, legislative tracking, grassroots organizing, visibilities and other campaign tools".

Q. The signs carried by the protestors are original sentiments, and represent the true feelings of the vast majority of American citizens regarding the War in Iraq, and the current Surge, in particular.


The signs carried by the protestors were designed by professional advertising gurus, at substantial expense to the "backers," and should be considered with the same skepticism one uses when viewing a commercial for Budweiser or Cheerios. Even though the paid commercial makes it appear that all Americans should only drink Budweiser, just a small amount of "truth serum" will help your immune system determine that there are indeed other brands.

Corporate commercials are actually much safer, because Americans already know they are biased to sell more beer. These protest signs, on the other hand, are very dangerous, because they are professionally engineered to appear to represent the true and original convictions of the persons carrying them for free media advertising.

Q. "Americans Against Escalation in Iraq" is in reality a "multi-faceted, multi-million dollar effort," designed specifically to "target" more than 60 members of the American Congress who are blocking end-the-War-NOW legislation. They are essentially paid lobbyists.


The group uses those precise words to describe itself right on its very own
website. The only reason that the networks and newspapers will not tell you about this when they report on the "demonstrations" is that they feel no "truth-in-reporting" obligation to more fully inform you.

Q. Most of the financial backers of this professional "wave of demonstrations" (that are professionally designed at great expense to appear unrehearsed, unprompted, unorganized and honest) have the best interests of all Americans at heart, and truly want to see our forces win a decisive victory in Iraq, thereby substantially weakening the resolve of our Islamofascist enemies and ensuring greater safety and security for all Americans.


The primary financial backing for these demonstrations is provided, through a highly deceptive network of 527 tax-exempt organizations, by a multi-billionaire, naturalized American citizen, whose stated aim in life is to destroy the entire concept of Nation States and establish a one-world oligarchy. His name is George Soros.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, anti-war demonstrations are about as ''spontaneous'' as "Kristallnact'' was. J'Mac.

12:57 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Soros is definitely "one-world", and he does the work of his "father" very well. I don't think he will enjoy his reward from "daddy" though!


1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought they were describing a Bush "town hall" meeting!

Quick, get the tin-foil hats out. Its CONSPIRACY TIME.

4:08 AM  

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