Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's Your Friday DU 'Crazy Corner'!

FROM DU: So If Bush Actually Bombs Iran, What Are We Going To Do About It?

Call, write and fax our congresspersons? Sign more petitions? Hit the streets with protest marches? Put up on-line posts about how pissed we are?

The real answer is that if Bush bombs Iran, there's not one, single, solitary damn thing we can do about it. For almost seven years now, we've watched these thugs dismantle our government, our laws and our Constitution. And we are now at the point where we are totally helpless. They can literally do anything they want to and we can't stop them.

What if Bush or Cheney went on TV today and announced that they needed to bomb San Francisco to "stop a secret terrorist plot"? Aside from getting as far as possible from San Francisco, what could anyone do to stop them?

How the hell did we let the situation get this far? And does anyone have any practical idea of how to put an end to this administration ASAP? (Cyrano)

DUers Chime In:

--Support the troops who'll be told to point their guns at us if we storm the WH? Maybe the troops will disobey and point the guns at the real enemies.

--Maybe. After all, they did take an oath to protect the Constitution against "all enemies, foreign and domestic."

--They also swore allegiance to the Constitution, but after Patriot Act I and II, and the Spy on Americans Act that was just passed by the Congress, I don't think the military will ever uphold its oath to the Constitution! One of the reasons that I fail to believe that the military has any credibility left, because they sure don't have much honor or integrity!!!!

--Won't be THOSE troops... It'll be THEIR troops - Blackwater USA. And the police. Police have always viewed protestors as enemy combatants no matter how peaceful and wouldn't hesitate to crack their skulls or open fire.

-- Good point. Wonder where they dredge up the Blackwater scum.

--Drive to walmart in our SUV's and Cheer for US victory!

--At any rate, I don't think we need to be worrying about what Bush is going to do anymore, it's Cheney that's got me shaking in my shoes. I think we need to get that bastard out of there first and foremost.

--I fear that you're right... When what we really should do is shut the country down. Don't go to work or school, cease economic activity, stay home. That would end it quickly.

--We've been helpless since boosh illegally ensconced himself in the white house. since the dems gained the majority on capital hill, we have found out they could give a rats ass what happens to this country either. we have now reached def-con 4. We are either targets or slave labor, beyond those two things, we mean NOTHING.

God help them, they actually believe this crap... They are so full of sniveling self-pity, they think our own government is much more of a threat than the radical Islamists will ever be. Incredible... skewed--and so ignorant!


Anonymous teller said...

Doesn't the left ever wonder about themselves?

Or does this just seem perfectly rational to them? That's scary.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

i love this part of your blog, donal!

8:55 AM  

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