Friday, January 04, 2008

Our Men On the Ground Say Victory Is In the Air!



447th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron Sather AB, Baghdad Int'l Airport

Victory Is In the Air!

TAZZ: Rush, it's an honor to speak with you. Thank you.

RUSH: Now, what is it, Tazz, that you wanted to tell everybody? Let me say this. The e-mails that I get from you are constantly describing victory. You're describing great success in what you're doing. Are you directly involved in the so-called surge with your Air Force guys?

TAZZ: Absolutely, Rush. The Air Force has been surging to, you know, conduct our combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we're doing one heck of a great job. It's inspiring, Rush, to see the looks on these airmen and these soldiers' faces when you're out there with them, working with them every day, and it's not just Americans.

The three-two Georgian Brigade out there in Iraq is doing just a great job, and the Iraqi army themselves, I had personal experience with. Rush, if you see it on their faces, it's inspiring, and some people may think, "You know, we've been at this war for so long right now." People just want to throw in the towel and, you know, hang up their efforts and just go home, but not so.

Victory is in the air. These guys are working hard, the airmen are flying every day, 24/7, you name it. You mentioned Sluggo, my friend, my close personal friend. We're out here, Rush. We're taking it to the enemy, and it's an honor and a privilege to do this on behalf of the American people.



Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

Too bad the Democrats all took anti-victory immunization shots so Tazz's enthusiasm and realities will not "infect" them.

9:15 PM  
Blogger CHOMP said...

Thanks to Rush and to our Donal for this fine article about our troops.


10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an inspiring article! We WILL prevail because we are Americans!

Hey Sonny I saw your comment at New Media Journal! I didn't know that your from Naples. I'm a Ft.Myers boy myself and my son lives in Bonita. Small world,eh?

We got football today!!!!!!!
Your Seahawks are favored by 3 over the deadskins and my Jags are favored by three over the squeelers. Today I'm gonna crack a few cold ones and WATCH FOOTBALL!

6:59 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, I love putting up stuff about our guys!

9:52 AM  

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