Tuesday, January 08, 2008

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Man Of the Year!





Man of the Year: Rush Limbaugh
By Mark R. Levin

Rush Limbaugh’s detractors never learn. They’ve tried everything to come between Rush and his more than 20 million listeners, intending to destroy his appeal and impact. But it’s a hopeless, almost laughable endeavor. They led boycotts against his advertisers -- yet his show continues to generate more revenue than any other on radio. They pressured his affiliates to drop his program, but he’s still heard on more than 600 stations -- more than any other talk host. They tried to keep him off Armed Forces Radio, of course, but he has the most popular program on the military’s radio network.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Levin on this one. Maybe we could make it Rush Limbaugh AND David Petreaus, MEN of the year. Let's make it a troika and add Ann Coulter!


4:12 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Well, Ann's certainly beat out Little Johnny Edwards! (So has Mrs. Edwards!)

4:51 AM  

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