Saturday, January 05, 2008

HufPo Blogger: 'Haliburton' or 'Blackwater' Will Assassinate Obama


HufPo Blogger: 'Haliburton' or 'Blackwater' Will Assassinate Obama
By Warner Todd Huston

Want some old fashioned black helicopter, conspiracy goofiness? Check out the frenzied work of HufPoster Joseph Palmero who imagines that if Obama becomes president members of Blackwater security services or Haliburton would somehow decide to assassinate him. After reading his wild-eyed musings, one wonders if the foam from his mouth short circuited his keyboard as he wrote?

In an effort to equate Obama's rather empty rhetoric and lack of a substantive record to what Palmero imagines his lefty pals will imagine is "greatness," Palmero tries to work in some equating of the junior Senator from Illinois with Robert F. Kennedy's campaign for the Dem nomination for president in 1968. Saying that Obama "struck similar chords" as Kennedy, Palmero waxes poetic about how it "took forty years" to see another Kennedyesque candidate.
But there was another, more sinister aspect of the Kennedy run that Palmero wanted to exploit with his piece. That aspect is the promise of a Kennedy panacea that was cut so short by an assassin's bullet. Absurdly, Palmero seems to expect the same to happen to Barack Hussein Obama.


Somebody better tell the latter-day genius who posted this at Huff PO that it wasn't anybody on the right who assassinated JFKennedy, RFKennedy, Lincoln--nor, in all likelihood, McKinley and Garfield--or who tried to assassinate Ford or Reagan (though that involved mainly psychiatric, not political issues). The violent Lefties in our midst now are more of a danger than anyone on the Right. Obama better get a food taster if he keeps beating Hillary...


Anonymous cassie said...

This guy belongs in St. Elizabeths!

1:07 PM  
Blogger CHOMP said...

I don't think I stand anymore goofy, nutbar nonsense!

Donal, just keep posting, and we'll keep reading...and shaking our heads!


9:42 AM  

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