Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Worse Than A 5th Column - They're Actually the Other Side:

On Leftist/Liberal blogs yesterday, I read many posts about the two soldiers who were tortured and killed. DU, Kos, BuzzFlash, RawStory--you name it, all over...

In NONE of the 579 I read was there the slightest anger for the men who did it, Al Qaeda, or the insurgents--or any Iraqi at all--for that matter.

No, the despicable D'RATS are of the mindset that would've blamed FDR for Pearl Harbor, were the clock turned back and the shoe on the other foot. As it is, their war is thoroughly--and only--with Bush and conservative America. Their hatred of him runs so deep; they are truly and completely unhinged by it.

What are they going to do when, come Nov. 2008, they open their election ballots and his name isn't there? I fear for their sanity if they're hit in the face with the fact that the man they so rabidly want to beat won't even be in the race. I can picture them turning their ballots over and over trying to find his name...

When I think of the anger even that simple realization will bring, I start
to believe it is not Iraq that is involved in a civil's us.


Anonymous ZinLA said...

you're brilliant.

OF COURSE it's WE who are at civil war, not Iraq. We have our OWN insurgents in this country and they have to go ..Kerry, Murtha, Biden, Kucinich, Hillary... Now THOSE are people I'd give a time limit to......"November election and YOU ARE OUT!"

LOVE it, D........good job. z

1:46 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ZINLA Thank you! I have read a great deal more than 579 by now, and I still have yet to hear anything about Al Qaeda and the men wielding the knives....

10:03 PM  
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