Monday, June 19, 2006

The d'Rats Play "Look At Me!", "Look At Me!!"

FROM DU: An "Aw Shucks" --"Ain't I Wunnerful? Ain't WE Wunnerful??"--Moment

At DU, this smarmy, over-emotional, self-serving epic was just posted; the bleeding-heart, overly-simplified, hippy-dippy d'Rat responses follow:

A one-legged, scraggly, wheelchair-bound, dirty woman so beautiful... How could it be?

She was at the end of the crosswalk opposite the Capitol--where the powerful pass to meet with lobbyists and shmooze over lunch--digging through the garbage can. In a wheelchair with scraggly long hair and dirty, about 50 with one leg and bad teeth. As I walk by, she has found a morsel and is munching on the leavings from the bin.

And I step into the nearest overpriced sandwich shop and buy the meatiest thing I can find and a V-8.

She's gone when I come out.

Go to the sidewalk and there she is, wheeling her way toward the Senator Hotel and the Hyatt where the Gubernator lives when he's not in Hollywood. I catch up and say, "Ma'am?" She stops and turns. "I bought you some lunch-a sandwich and a drink.........."

And her fat, dentally-challenged, dirty face looks up at me with the open, beatific, non-agenda-ed smile of an angel and says to me "Oh, thank you!" and takes the offered bag.


And I walk away, teary, stunned by how beautiful she was.

DU Chimes In:

--Damn it! You made me cry. (Viva_La_Revolution)

--"I might of thought that I was her angel...but she was mine". Oh yes! (me b zola)

--As the truth is known, you were each other's angel... (dweller)

--Yes, YOU were an angel today! (calimary)

--If one's heart doest not bleed, what runneth it? (omega minimo)

--It is oh so special when we encounter the least. Then we find out they are grand. (votesomemore)

--I was at a bus stop one night, sitting on the bench and a homeless man was there drinking his beer. We struck up a conversation and he offered me his beer. I declined. But I thought, that is very generous. That's the way they are. (votesomemore)

--I'm on vacation. I have the luxury to take the time to be human. (omega minimo)

Do you REALLY think this guy found her 'beautiful'--or any homeless person? I love the way they are all so patronizing as they stereotype them, generalize them--and their words thoroughly marginalize them.

Here's my response to these breathless little world-savers:

"I find it interesting that... your first words to her were that you'd BOUGHT her her lunch. Why not simply say that you had some lunch for her? Why rub it in that she couldn't pay for it? And let her keep her dignity; why not ASK her what she might've wanted to eat--rather than assuming YOU knew best, or that she surely would be satisfied with anything you gave her?

AND, if you REALLY thought she was beautiful, why didn't you ask her to have lunch WITH you, instead of merely hand her a bag and walk away?

I have seen post like yours here before.... You used at least TEN negative, pejorative words to describe her before you ever got to ONE good one.

I think your motives were a bit too clear on this one. I bet you feel like a real bigshot. You sure didn't help HER feel any better. And how ashamed would she be if she knew that you had described her here as you did--and bragged about your supposed 'charity' to her?

Beautiful? You did NOT treat her beutifully at ALL. People need to think before they mindlessly just throw money at someone to make themselves feel better.

You might've fed this woman, but you shamed her, too, just so you could feel like a big deal. You think you're really getting in there and do-ing something about world hunger, eh? You mover-and-shaker, you! Yeah, I'll bet you really feel like that...!

was the price of her lunch.

(My answer to them was lengthened a bit here; they threw me off the board so quickly for my heresy that I didn't have a chance to edit it there. LOL!)


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