Friday, June 16, 2006

Of COURSE She Got Away With It! LOL!

No Charges For Rep. McKinney

JUNE 16--A federal grand jury today declined to indict Representative Cynthia McKinney in connection with a March 29 incident during which she struck a Capitol Hill police officer. The Georgia Democrat, 51, has acknowledged hitting the officer, Paul McKenna, after she was stopped from entering a House office building.

At the time, McKinney--who was not wearing a congressional lapel pin--bypassed a metal detector and did not respond to three requests by McKenna to stop. When McKenna sought to physically keep her from entering the building, McKinney punched him in the chest with a closed fist, according to a police report (a copy of which you'll find below). McKenna is identified as C-1 (complainant 1) and McKinney is S-1 (suspect 1) in the report.

After initially claiming that she was a victim of racial profiling, McKinney subsequently went to the House floor to apologize for the "misunderstanding." She added that there "should not have been any physical contact in this incident."

Aw, we all KNEW Cyndie Lou Who would get away with hitting the cop! Who on this planet DIDN'T know that'd be the outcome? They needn't have saved this non-juicy, utterly predictable bit of news for Friday, like it was some big deal they had to slip under the door!

I wanna pet the d'Rats and say lots of 'there, there dears' if they need THIS to brighten their weekend! LOL! Tell Cyndie for us: We KNEW it was in the bag! (I'll bet Cyndie knew, too! wink...wink....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well,Cynthia "Buckwheat'' McKinney beats the rap.To anyone familar with the ghetto mentality of black cuture,what this racist bitch did was provoke an incident(she ''punked'' the police officer)so she could cry 'RACISM!"".theis is no different than the two''exotic dancers''(read:hookers)are attempting to get away with at Duke U.McKinney is crazy like a fox.She knows that in the fever swamp district she represents,this is going to play beautifully.Johnnymac

7:57 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

J'MAC Your post was spot-on--and funnier than hell! You've got McKinney pegged--she's always playing to the cheap seats.

Veggietown is, no doubt in mid-climax over her win. Remember--she's his 'Nubian Queen'!!!!!!!!!

8:34 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

Did he actually say that this borderline retarded woman is his "Nubian queen?" Wow!
Here's the upside of this whole thing. This crazed, racist nutcase is FRONT and CENTER every time the Dems try to start one of their "pogroms" against the Republicans. If Hastert has ANY brains he will bring her up often!


1:51 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

To be fair, one of the exotic dancers isn't going along with the charges and her testimony may torpedo the case.

They've since found out that the dancer claiming rape had sex with (I may be off one) four different men and a "device" (don't ask me how they determined that because I have no clue) not many hours before the dancing gig. Yet, no DNA from any of the lacrosse players has been found (that, by itself, doesn't mean they couldn't have raped her).

The other exotic dancer has claimed she and the accuser were never apart for more than five minutes during the whole gig.

The accuser seems to have a history of filing rape charges, as well. Something tells me she's a little unhinged and if the prosecutor doesn't drop the charges eventually I can't see how a jury can find any of the lacrosse players guilty.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous zabelle said...

and, do you THINK the media will say "How did she get OFF? that's just plain wrong!" Ya, right! It's so typical.....I love Patrick Kennedy pleading guilty to driving under the influence of meds.....easy to do when he was probably drunk and knows how THAT would go over. Remember, the percentage of someone sleep walking (driving??)after taking the drug he took (Ambien?) was something like 1/4 of one percent..did you hear that!? YET, he's free and had his hand smacked...sort of like Sandy Berger, right? SO BIG OF HIM to plead guilty! Were there ever charges pressed when Kennedy smacked that LAX security guy? You see THAT video? NOTHING..he's a KENNEDY!

Cynthia McKinney should be ashamed of herself and, if she had any class, she'd say this: "you know, I was very wrong for what i did...I am sorry it brought such rancor and I let down my constituents and my colleagues....I am making a donation to ...... My behavior was untoward and I'm ashamed of it, this is not my normal demeanor, and I officially apologize to the guard!" Ya, THAT's going to happen!! What a lack of class so many of our politicians are showing these days........ex presidents slamming sitting presidents and their policies, Black caucus excusing one of their own even though there's ninety thou in his freezer and even suggesting racism when (the loathsome) Pelosi says this isn't kosher and he needs to leave the never all know it........sad.

Cynthia McKinney's situation is just one of many instances where common sense and decency were ignored and maybe not even considered...remembered?? THAT is scary.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They've since found out that the dancer claiming rape had sex with (I may be off one) four different men and a "device".....

Sounds like the ho was all set up to take on the Everready Bunny too? Did I say "ho"....she's a mother of could I forget?

The Impster is back!

5:27 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Well, folks, one thing we know for sure: Most black people--incl. Veggietown--are of the mind that they don't care what McKinney did--as long as she gets off.

9:45 AM  

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