Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The 'Content Of Their Character'


FEMA Funds Spent on Divorce, Sex Change

WASHINGTON (AP) - Houston divorce lawyer Mark Lipkin says he can't recall anyone paying for his services with a FEMA debit card, but congressional investigators say one of his clients did just that.

The $1,000 payment was just one example cited in an audit that concluded that up to $1.4 billion - perhaps as much as 16 percent of the billions of dollars in assistance expended after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - was spent for bogus reasons.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency also was hoodwinked to pay for season football tickets, a tropical vacation and a sex change operation, the audit found.

Prison inmates, a supposed victim who used a New Orleans cemetery for a home address and a person who spent 70 days at a Hawaiian hotel all were able to get taxpayer help, according to evidence that gives a new black eye to the nation's disaster relief agency.

Why in the hell is it a 'black eye to the nation's disaster relief agency'??? Why isn't it a black eye to the lousy men and women who perpetrated these scams?

And, to speak plainly, why are so many black people involved in trying to get something for nothing? Why did the crime rate in Houston rise so alarmingly when they rolled into town after Katrina--and why is it starting to rise in New Orleans now that they're back in town?

get the world you make. If minorities want life to be better here in America, THEY'D better be prepared to contribute TO it instead waiting for it to be handed to them. I'm sick of these users and takers--who then go on to bitch the most about their poor, pitiful lives.

Gee, do ya think they way they live could have anything to do with THAT?


Blogger FLORIAN said...

I think Blacks look at freebees and something for nothing as a form of reparations. They feel they deserve it.
Pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!

8:43 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

FLO Yes they do. Unfortunately, none of them were slaves, and none of us were slaveholders.

4:43 AM  

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