Sunday, June 18, 2006

Immigrant Indians:



Amidst all the clatter, the only views not being heard are the ones that matter most. Thus here, we bring you a truly historic column, featuring the views of the nation's only non-immigrants: American Indians: (NVMojo)

This is just nonsense. For a conquered people, their opinions do NOT 'matter most'. (Did the indians conquer fellow indians and then consider their opinions to 'matter most'???) Their opinions only matter as much as mine--or any person's--does.

The definition of 'immigrant' is:

Main Entry: im·mi·grant
Function: noun
Pronunciation: 'i-mi-gr&nt: one that immigrates:
a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence
b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown - immigrant adjective

Clearly, the American Indians--which come from the racial classification group of Asians--were, indeed, immigrants. One cannot arbitrarily say that, because we came here during recorded history and they did not, that our immigration counts and theirs doesn't! Either we are BOTH immigrant groups, or neither of us are.

Yet they insist, "Indigenous peoples haven't known any borders. Colonial borders are new. It's ironic that essentially white men of privilege who created the category of white - that it is they who determine who gets permitted into our lands."

However, I hardly think that a Sioux tribe could move onto Apache land without comment. I don't think a Ute brave could walk smack into the middle of a Shoshoni encampment and tell them he was now to reside among them. A Pequot elder wouldn't have had much luck moving a Sequin male off his good fishing spot, or hunting grounds. The 'world citizen' characterization of Native Americans is just nonsense.

Indians want to be judged by American laws in the courts when any immigration bill comes up, but they do not want to use OUR definition of the word in question. Though they blame us for, once again, being real meanies, with the spotty thinking in their article, they simply marginalize THEMSELVES.


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