Friday, September 08, 2006

DU Objects To ABC's "Path To 9/11"

FROM DU: ABC Dishonors, Descecrates and Maligns 3000 Dead Americans In "Path To 9/11"

They've suffered burns, hurtled to the earth, from smoke inhalation, incineration, etc and NOW they give US a 1-800 number to call? They refuse to let people on the left even view the film? Including a former President who has a legacy to protect, during a time of Surplus, soaring profits, and who didn't use the Constitution for toilet paper.

HOW DARE THEY DISHONOR these Americans with LIES, Deceit, misdirection, the very rewriting of HISTORY, ala Winston Smith of the Ministry of TRUTH in an Orwellian world... HOW DARE THEY ASSIST THE ENEMIES of the United States by disseminating FALSE and FRAUDULENT, self indulgent Fantasies? HOW DARE THEY FURTHER TERRORIZE the American people by leaving them UNINFORMED? HOW DARE THEY USE OUR AIRWAYS, owned by the Public AGAINST US?

They are TRAITORS to this oountry, each and every person of authority from Steve Jobs of Apple to DISNEY'S Corporate heads. THEY stand on the bodies of the victims and espouse False IDEALS like Vultures. Don't stop now people, WRITE, EMAIL, FAX, CALL Your Congress men and women, and the Corporate Vampires trying to RE-IMPRINT the Minds so that their Precious George W. Bush can keep his RUBBER STAMPING REPUBLICANS in OFFICE, now that his Coat Tails are made of LEAD, weighed down by the gallons of AMERICAN BLOOD spilt by his INSANE, Diabolical Gravy Train for Corporations. Keep FIGHTING THIS to the last MINUTE, afterwards we'll join and fight them for their HUBRIS should they show this. Tell everyone you know that you will NEVER BUY another DISNEY product, NEVER VISIT DisneyLand or World, and TELL THEM WHY.

This film is a turning point in our Country's History. HOW DARE THEY EVEN ATTEMPT to create these lies and Hurl them in our faces WHEN WE KNOW that this is about our LOVED ONES and NOT ENTERTAINMENT.They are making sport of our loved ones, a 5 hours INFOTAINMENT Vehicle to sway those who haven't the time to collect HONEST information, who work all day and night to feed their children because of Bush's policies, only to have ABC and DISNEY fill those same Children's Minds with GARBAGE.

ABC, you are hereby CURSED by your own actions and until you make it right, and tell the TRUTH to the American People, you will Continue to decline from this day foward. May you all find yourself JOBLESS, BROKEN and in the STREET for this. 3000 SOULS were not put on this EARTH to act as PUPPETS FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT. We will BURY YOU by VOTING WITH OUR DOLLARS. YOU MOCK OUR DEAD COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN and YOUR SOULS are at stake!!!!! (symbolman)

Yes, the first 'docudrama' recently released was about the assassination of President Bush--they didn't mind THAT one! And they sure as heck didn't object to the most obvious untruth of that movie: President Bush is not dead.


Blogger nanc said...

what's that old saying?

"if the foo shiites?"

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phandancer from FPM

The thing is...corporations KNOW that most people that have enough time to protest, write and march in the street about liberal causes are not likely to be spending much money (if they are 'honest progressives') on much of anything other than food for a multitude of reasons - the most obvious is that that being a liberal (or any kind, for that matter ) activist does not pay well.

So DU'ers...write away and threaten to not spend your money on ABC products. Heck, a bunch of eggheads demoted Pluto - maybe you hippies could topple Mickey. But just Remember....M-I-C (See ya real soon) K-E-Y (Why, cause ya'll are a bunch of slacker hippies with no money and there are another 120 Million parents who have got the Mouse's back.)

Tinkerbell.....please see these malcontents to the door.

6:06 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

LOSERS! Are absolutely hysterical! LOL!
Good night, G*D bless and Maranatha!

P.S. How's the arm doing? Please don't overdo the writting!

6:25 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

TMW--Good advice--thanks!

7:28 PM  

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