Thursday, September 07, 2006

Canadians Blame America For 9/11

New Poll Says Most Canadians Blame U.S. For 9/11 Attacks

A majority of Canadians believe U.S. foreign policy was one of the root causes that led to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and Quebecers are quicker to criticize the U.S. administration for its international actions than other Canadians, a recent poll suggests.

Those conclusions are found in a newly released poll conducted by L├ęger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies.

The poll suggests that 77 per cent of Quebecers polled primarily blame American foreign policy for the Sept. 11 attacks. The results suggest 57 per cent in Ontario hold a similar view.

When participants were given the option of choosing more than one cause for the attacks, two-thirds blamed Islamic fundamentalists and their anti-Western views, while a third pointed the finger at Israel and its position in the Middle East.

Canadian opinions have hardened against the United States and its role on the world stage, said Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to a change of heart among people, he said.

But Canadians are divided on whether their government should pay more attention to issues fuelling extremist organizations in the Middle East, he said.

"There are a lot of people who think we should be listening closely [to extremist groups] and that there is an opportunity to dialogue with these sort of groups," said Jedwab Wednesday. "So it is showing a real ideological divide on some of these issues."

There's a growing need since the Sept. 11 attacks for balanced public education about terrorism, added Jedwab. "There is a tendency to see in these movements something more romantic than actually exists. That's something we need to keep debating in the country."

I sure wouldn't keep calling down the people who are providing YOUR defenses... but......that's me. Canadians may not care that, with attitudes like this, it's becoming harder and harder to like them. I suggest they look to their own muslim population.


Blogger JINGOIST said...

I say we send them a yearly bill of 5% of our total defense expenditures. Even if the lilly livered Frogs in Quebec refuse to pay it, we should deliver it with great fanfare. What are they gonna do, hate us?


4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phandancer from FPM

Off topic, but...

I post over at DU sometimes and sometimes I have to spew a little crap to keep on the board as they ban anyone that dissents. Can't reveal my handle as I want to continue to be a source of moderate dissent.

They are still harping on the Plame Game. Some doughnut that calls himself H20man rehashed all the conspiracy and continued to suggest another Fitzmas or something else.

Of the 40 or so posts on his tripe, NO ONE suggested that it was a dead issue. They all LOVE these non-issues that they think will change the landscape for them.

THANK GOODNESS these people are morons. They are slightly dangerous and completely insane.

Anyway....Have a cool weekend everyone. I have to travel to Boston on Monday (9-11 5 year and I am travelling to and from 9-11 airports, Dulles and Logan) with an oversized booth for a convention. Damn, I am dreading Monday.

'People make music; Music makes Miracles'

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again Phan...

The only issue over at DU is the 9-11 docudrama.

These people have very strange priorities.

The movie portrays EVERYONE as slightly incompetant when it comes to preventing 9-11.

Me thinks she protest too much.

7:59 AM  

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