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Words Have Consequences, Indeed:

Blame Jimmy Carter for Murder in Eilat

Words have consequences. At about the same time that Jimmy Carter was talking up his book at Brandeis University, a Palestinian Arab suicide bomber stepped into a bakery shop in Eilat and murdered three Israelis. Coincidence? No. This was the first such attack in nearly a year.

Jimmy Carter has some explaining to do. He is a smooth talker, but will forever be tainted by the blood of Eilat and by whatever bloodshed is to follow.The mother of this terrorist who slipped in from Gaza - the Gaza that is supposed to live "side by side with Israel in peace and security" - declared that she was "very, very proud" of her son. This mother said she'd be happy to provide even more sons for martyrdom fodder. Perhaps she and other mothers are waiting for the next signal from Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter's book is pretty much a manual on How To Commit Murder Without Guilt. Subtitle: The Jews Deserve It.

When a former president of the United States speaks, the world listens. Terrorists listen. They heard this man say that it is proper to murder Israelis until Israel "abides by international law." Within the same "international law," it is also written Thou Shalt Not Commit Bloodshed. Perhaps Jimmy Carter missed that in Sunday school. (To be precise: Jimmy Carter called upon Palestinians to cease terror attacks if Israel agrees to abide by international law.)

If you say Carter's words bear no connection to this terrorist's deeds, I present as my proof the blood of Haim El-Maliach, Michael Ben-Sa'adon and Yisrael Samolia, all of whom died in Eilat because Jimmy Carter spoke and the world listened. Terrorists are especially attentive when given license to kill. I present more proof:Jimmy Carter's book became a best-seller the moment it went public. Sales are especially brisk in those places where the killing of Jews is a religious doctrine.

Jimmy Carter has since expressed regret for that single passage in his book - the passage that green-lights the killing of Jews. (He regrets nothing else.) Terrorists read headlines. Terrorists do not read the fine print. Terrorists don't need much to get them going. A word will do. A word is enough to provoke such misfits to go on a killing spree and it matters not if that word comes from an imam or from a former president of the United States.

(Why, incidentally, would any grown man still want to be called "Jimmy?")

Why - as King David would ask - is Jimmy Carter in an uproar? In a word: Israel. If Israel would be kind enough to dissolve itself and retreat to Auschwitz borders, or, better yet, utterly capitulate and surrender, peace will prevail throughout the world. Israel, according to Jimmy Carter, is at fault for just about everything. (All the land, except perhaps Dizengoff Street, is "occupied territory" and belongs to the Arabs, in the view of this one-term president.)

He is not the first to declare that (as per Scriptures), "the children of Israel are too numerous." Therefore, "Come, let us deal craftily with them." Jimmy's book preaches Pharaoh as the hero, Moses as the villain. His vision of utopia is an Israel that behaves, submits and finds itself delightfully ruled by taskmasters. The men who have plunged Gaza into Sodom, these are Jimmy Carter's chosen people - chosen to govern the children of Israel.

Prior to the bloodshed in Eilat, I wrote a piece on Jimmy Carter's book titled "Jimmy Carter's Kampf" and this drew rebuke from one particular friend upon the premise that Jimmy Carter should not be equated with Hitler. In fact, I was only equating Jimmy Carter with Hitler's kampf, meaning Hitler's "campaign" (or struggle) to eliminate the Jewish people.

You say Jimmy Carter is not that bad? I say he is. I say the damage he has done is everlasting. Read the book, as I have. Watch him on C-Span, as I have. This man's wily contemptuousness knows no bounds. He is on every talk show. He is as frequent as male enhancement commercials.

Jimmy Carter is a clear and present danger to the Jewish people in Israel and to Jewish people everywhere. He sells his Jew-hatred to anyone who will listen - and millions are listening. Innocents here at home - formerly patrons of Israel - have turned against Israel. They have been seduced by this slick operator.

I get letters from people who have converted to his anti-Semitism, such as, "You should listen to Jimmy Carter. Perhaps you might learn something." After all, he is a former president of the United States, and today, "he builds homes." Maybe he fools you. He doesn't fool me. Jimmy Carter is a terrorist and the blood of Eilat is his legacy.


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