Monday, March 05, 2007

View from America: The 'Palestine' Purimspiel

View from America: The 'Palestine' Purimspiel
by Jonathan Tobin

In case you missed it, last month college campuses in the United States, Canada and Britain hosted an "Israeli Apartheid Week," in which prominent scholars and artists all got together to agree about the State of Israel's beastliness.

That such nonsense is presented at places like Hunter College in New York City, the University of Toronto and even at supposedly more illustrious venues such as Oxford and Cambridge is hardly shocking.

But what is curious is the unprecedented growth of Israel-bashing in recent years and not merely at universities, and the increasing role of Jewish opponents of Israel in these events.
The inversion of the truth in which the one small Jewish state is now portrayed as the mighty oppressor of the vast Arab and Muslim worlds is an appropriate topic to consider this week as Jews celebrate the holiday of Purim.

The holiday commemorates the salvation of the Jews of Persia who - at the very end of the Babylonian Exile - were collectively subjected to a sentence of death. The evil plan was foiled, and since then the festival has been celebrated with general silliness, carnivals as well as "Purimspiels" or satiric plays or writings that turn the world upside down and inside out.

But while Purimspiels have a short shelf life, the less innocent falsehoods of the anti-Israel crowd are year-round canards whose growing power ought to concern everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isreali bashing happens in no small part because Isrealis and American Jews typically do not rush out into the streets burning cars and calling for blood when anti-Semitic statements and actions take place. Nor has there been any known instance of an Isreali walking into a Palestinian neighborhood market or some such place and blowing themselves and Muslims up either. It might not be a bad idea that,while not saying Isrealis should immolate themselves in such fashion, Muslims were attacked verbally and physically. Lets face it,this is the only language these animals understand. Why shouldn't Muslims know what its like to be looked at the way they look at everyone else? You know,if you stand still while a bully attacks you and humiliates you with impunity, the end result is more ceaselss bullying. Its simple,if Muslims feel they can get away with this behavior(and by and large they do) what reason do they have to stop it? Betwenn pugnacious Mexicans pushing their way in here, loudly proclaming they have a right to do so and the fact that anyone of us can at pretty much anytime be killed by some free-lancning jihadi,I've had it. In the last two years alone Muslims in America have killed and injured dozens of Americans and illegal aliens kill twelve Americans a day. Thats eighty-four Americans a week. Is this how this nation is going to end? I'm really finding myself not wanting to be alive to see this happen. J'Mac.

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