Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FROM DU: Democrat Underground Libby Meltdown--Enjoy!

Their Packages Under the Tree Were All Empty!

--ONE REASON BUSH FREED A TRAITOR: Libby was gonna talk. Plain. And. Simple. He was about to roll on the entire TREASONOUS ADMINISTRATION and they weren't about to let that happen.

--As I read the posts in here, I can't help but ask: WHAT MORE WILL IT TAKE? For US to act? For US to take control? My torch and pitchfork have been gathering dust since December 2000 as I look for any indication whatsoever that Americans are ready to act. Sadly, all I see is "American Idol" ratings going up and all I hear is how it's somebody else's fault.

--Ask yourself: Are you willing to risk your life for your country? Not in the battlefield, but in the streets? If the answer is yes, then you'll know what to do. (Are you BRAVE enough?)

--Here is the real message in the Libby commutation: pay back for protecting Bush and Cheney. Don't forget what Fitz said about the cloud over the Vice Presidency and the testimony that Bush knew and approved of their actions. These guys are guilty as hell and Libby played the good soldier and fell on his sword.

The fix was in. Under no circumstances was Scooter gonna do time. What Bush did today was simply further the obstruction of justice. Any President with an ounce of integrity would not have touched this case with a ten foot pole. This is political dynamite. Except the only thing it can blow up is one big pile of shit!

--There's actually a hidden message (threat) against Fitz in the commutation as well; it damns his work with fake praise and communicates, like a horse's head in your bed, that the dictator tot does not answer to anyone.

--Now that Bush has declared himself King.....(scary thought here) and not subject to the laws of the land is there no doubt that he is not leaving office on Jan. 20, 2009?

--DicKKK and KKKarl are already planning the excuse and means to cancel the 2008 election. Expect something big ("cough" think 9-11). It is entirely within the realm of possibility that this country has seen its last presidential election for the forseeable future.I am not being paranoid, the Bush Crime Family has shown that it will do absolutely anything to retain its sociopathic, kleptocratic hold on power and continue looting this country and enserfing its people.

--"Terrorist attack" on US soil oh, about August 2008 or so, is my prediction. Martial law, no election. Question is will the cabal use chemical, radiological, or biological weapons to pull of the attack.

--Traitor Bush implicitly pardoned his buddy Bin Laden too.

--Paris Hilton is a more of a "man" than Libby, and a BETTER American. If that don't sum up the state of this land, nothing does. I know she would have done anything to get out of jail and did her best to weasel out too, but goddamn, the country we all believed in NEVER existed. It's a an enormous sham.

--To all the candiates vying for our support: Are we a land where the rule of law stands? Some of us would like to hear how you, the candidate, want to deal with an unelected president who thinks he and his corrupt, treasonous, war profiteering cronies are above the law. I, for one, am getting tired of unanswered letters and dis-regarded threats. It's time to show us how you will lead this country to a place with equal justice for all. What do the candidates think is the best plan for action to prevent bush from taking us over the proverbial cliff? Anyone with a plan to save democracy?

--Will America ever have a president as bad as this one again? It'll be a LOOOOOOOOOONG time before another president comes along that's as bad as this one. This is the lowest low I have ever seen in my life and the lowest low America has seen in her over 200 year old life. The executive branch is completely corrupt. The legislative branch is bought out by corporations and complacent, and the judicial branch is one justice away from being the equivalent of a council of Grand Ayatollahs.

The economy is tanking with increasing and never ending debt while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the military is stuck in the middle of a civil war, terrorists are determined to attack with more fortitude than ever before, and the population is kept distracted by the corporate media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Civil liberties are all but eliminated. Torture is condoned. Science is removed from the classroom and replaced with stupidity. The list goes on. On the bright side, at this point I don't think there is anywhere to go but up. This has got to be rock bottom.

--Bush and his cohorts have no respect or love for America. I have despised this administration for so many years I can almost not even remember what it was like to have a country that wasn't a cauldron of corruption and chicanery. I've been pissed before -- many times during the Bush years -- but this is among the few times I've actually felt physically sick. And it's not even really about "Scooter" per se; it's the larger point, which is that Bush's action today proves that we are actually losing our country.

A highly-placed White House official can lie to the feds and get away with it, while a no-talent socialite spends time in jail for violating probation on a suspended license charge. That's it in a nutshell, people. There's your country as it stands today. Are we going to let it slip even further away? What more do we need to get motivated to replace these scoundrels in the 2008 elections? If we don't win then, I will have serious doubts about the future of the United States. And I am sad, sick and afraid tonight. I want my country back.

--Okay. I will volunteer to give Bush a blow job... Since this seems to be the criteria for impeachment and dismissal from office, I will volunteer my time and give Bush a blowjob. I will need someone to video tape it, and I will also get a new dress from the Gap to mark the occasion. If this is what it takes than I will do it.


Anonymous teller said...

HOO-WEE they got some sick puppies over there!

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


They have been calling for martial law in 2008 for some time. Many there TRUELY believe that Bush will suspend elections and keep himself in office after his term.

Even hard core Republicans would revolt against that.

These people give tin-foil hats a bad name.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

I find their diseased ravings truly comedic.

2:41 PM  

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