Monday, August 27, 2007

The Iraq Question Dems Can't Answer

The Iraq Question Dems Can't Answer
By Michael Medved

There’s one question about the Iraq War that Democrats can’t answer, or even confront:

Q. Is this struggle a deeply significant historical confrontation, or just a silly waste of effort, blood and resources? If the war is important, how can we afford to lose? And if it’s just a distraction, then why do its critics focus so obsessively on the issue--- with all the overheated rhetoric about the “biggest mistake” and “greatest disaster” in US history?

In other words, how will history remember this war? Is it a turning point of some kind, a hugely important episode that overshadows lesser issues in politics?

Or is it simply a political football, with both sides playing games to try to gain partisan advantage, with no huge security consequences for either success or failure on the field of battle?



Blogger Les Ismore said...

Medved makes a nice phony straw man here but here is the real question;

If this truly is the war for our civilization. If Iraq really is a tipping point for Western civilization, what would you do to help? Would you support a draft? Would you support a tax increase if you knew it went directly and solely to the Great Iraq War of Civilizations?

And yellow ribbons on your bumper or sending cakes to our brave men and women (although a nice touch) doesnt count.

4:10 PM  

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