Sunday, August 26, 2007

They Wait For Us To Run Again

They Wait For Us To Run Again

George W. Bush gave a speech about Iraq last week, and in the middle of it he did something long overdue: He attempted to appropriate the left's most treasured all-purpose historical analogy. Indeed, Vietnam is so ubiquitous in the fulminations of politicians, academics and pundits that we could really use anti-trust legislation to protect us from shopworn historical precedents. But, in the absence thereof, the president has determined that we might at least learn the real "lessons of Vietnam."

"Then as now, people argued the real problem was America's presence and that if we would just withdraw, the killing would end," Bush told the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention Aug. 22. "Many argued that if we pulled out there would be no consequences for the Vietnamese peopleā€¦

A columnist for the New York Times wrote in a similar vein in 1975, just as Cambodia and Vietnam were falling to the communists: 'It's difficult to imagine,' he said, 'how their lives could be anything but better with the Americans gone.' A headline on that story, dateline Phnom Penh, summed up the argument: 'Indochina Without Americans: For Most a Better Life.' The world would learn just how costly these misimpressions would be."


Thanks to our dear Prairieson for this one... (He's been red-hot, lately!) You can, indeed, know exactly who your friends are by how they stand with you when you are attacked. Do they want you to just 'go along to get along', unmindful of what it does to you? Or do they really, really back you?

Peace at any price is too high to pay.


Anonymous bobcat said...

Wow, what a pic. I remember them leaving Saigon, Donal....

3:14 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

We can always count on Mark Steyn to put things in perspective! Thanks, Donal, for including Steyn on your blog.

7:15 PM  

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