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LONG BUT A MUST READ: How the Dems Plan To Honor 9/11

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FROM DU: July 31, 2007

Greetings Friends,

I thought I would share some notes I took at a gathering in Seattle on the constitutional crisis we are in with this administration:

On July 31st, several hundred other concerned citizens responded to a call to action sent by a pastor in Seattle who wrote one of the most powerful statements I've read about the Bush administration. He described the grave constitutional crisis we're in "with a President who seemingly wants to be king, and a Congress unable and unwilling to oppose him. This administration is building, plank by plank, the framework for military dictatorship...

Our politicians are fiddling while democracy burns... they have betrayed us...We are dealing with a spirituality of tyranny; an unleashing of ruthless, arrogant power that corrupts all it touches. It's time to get angry and cast out this unclean spirit from our land. Such a statement can now get me arrested, disappeared, and stripped of all assets. Is this America?"

Rev. Rich Lang, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church


Of our state elected officials, only Jim McDermott has signed onto Dennis Kucinich's House Resolution 333. The topic changed to what can we do on the upcoming anniversary of September 11th. This was the purpose of the gathering - to see if there is energy, commitment, the will to break out of the trance that keeps us from being any different than good German citizens who didn't oppose the Nazis.

This year, September 11th falls on a Tuesday, and the discussion revolved around appropriate ways to resist our own "empire" and one way to memorialize the tragedy is to have a city wide series of direct actions, a "Day of Democracy".

We imagined bold actions of civil disobedience, possibly thousands of participants with taped mouths representing the muzzling of our voices and the silencing of Democracy. Hundreds, thousands of nude bicyclists streaking through the city, reminding everyone that this administration has stripped us of our civil rights. School kids walking out of class; a general strike; the police force calling in with the "blue flu"; masses of people assembling to 'Celebrate Democracy" and ridding ourselves of the fear of tyranny.

We would not be paralyzed... we would be a model for the rest of the country and reestablish our national self respect. The actions need to be nonviolent, and in the next month, several more meetings will be held to brainstorm more ideas. Small groups formed and returned with other ideas to share:

Deliver petitions for impeachment to Senators Murray and Cantwell and other elected officials and hold sit-ins at their offices; attend sporting and other events with 6 friends and hold up signs that say I M P E A C H; write the Bill of Rights on the pavement in front of FOX news and other corporate media; surround media buildings and bring noisemakers, pots and pans and circle 7 times to exorcize demons; tie up traffic with packs of bikers; block freeways and on/off ramps; wear orange in opposition to the Bush administration; send stacks and stacks of faxes to member of Congress; hang banners from buildings.

Other ideas that percolated in the crowd were to wear black burquas and carry plaster skulls and leave a mound in front of major media and elected officials' offices; enlist churches so that mainstream America is seen as standing up; and begin to actively create a coalition of revolutionary thinkers.


This recent evening was one of the most dramatic and courageous calls to action I've seen since the Vietnam era, and to hear it within church walls gives me hope that some in mainstream America truly know that we are in the midst of a crisis that needs to be addressed or we will lose our democracy.

After participating in the Impeachment March on the Pentagon March 17th of this year, I believe we can use hijinks; wear Code Pink's bright pink or resisting-authority orange to show opposition to the war; carry and become huge puppets representing the gang of thieves inhabiting the White House and Attorney General's office; bang pans as Molly Ivins also suggested; do street theater; show the rest of the country that the Northwest is brave, awake, and not going to let our Constitution be further trampled.

A greater collection of nonsense I've never read! Only a LibbyLoon would think they could 'reestablish their national respect' by riding through the streets buck naked on a bicycle or leaving a pile of plaster skulls in front of KOMO or the governor's office (both of which happen to be liberal concerns...)!

This doom-making, hysterical temper tantrum is the typical sky-is-falling claptrap we have to put up with up here in Libbyville. While these babies try and bring the city to a halt, with their traffic tie-ups, 'sit-ins' (now THERE'S an original idea!) and pot-banging (didn't we all do that when we were toddlers?), the rest of us will go on with the business of living, keeping the city running, and our families going.

We know that we live in the finest country in the entire world. We know that those that died on 9/11/2001 deserve more than a Code Pink salute and aging hippies in orange T-shirts wetting their beds.

You see, these forever-flower children are really stupid. Stupid and short-sighted. They never grew up. They think the only time in history that anything got accomplished was the 1960's--and they're dying to bring back those times lock, (Wood)stock, and Digger Free Store barrel. The confuse busywork and noise with real progress, reformation, and growth. Their childish self-centeredness makes them think, like any baby, that they are the only ones who count, and that they are, indeed, the center of the universe.

To equate present-day America with Nazi Germany means they must not know the actual history of that era. To want to throw a wrench into the workaday traffic routes and business of the day for ordinary Americans is selfish and egocentric. To send stacks and stacks of faxes to Congress and scribble all over city sidewalks necessitates an unconscionable waste of time and resources.
Even their 'non violent' protests require dozens of police and maintenance crews for city upkeep (and their references to the WTO riots makes me wonder just how 'non-violent' they plan to be!)

These days, the aging hippies, and younger hippy-wannabes who missed the whole show, want to bring back those times and be 'revolutionaries'. Imagine what we could accomplish if they were really on America's side! That they would choose to do this infantile crap-all-over-everything on September 11th of this year only further reveals how much they really and truly hate everything that we stand for.


Blogger The Merry Widow said...

What I keep saying, they need to be spanked and sent to bed without their dinner.
What a spoiled, whining, EMOTIONAL mess!
I remember every year in Santa Cruz they would take over the streets with huge crowds of bicyclists. They were rude and would deliberately block traffic, bang on vehicles, cuss and gesture rudely, then ride on in their safe little clutches with smirks. Thinking that they were "making a difference". The only difference they made was making life miserable for mainstream America!
They aggravate with their childishness, annoy with their churlishness and generally nauseated everyone. We dreaded that day!
I really feel for you, Paul and Sis, you are going to be in the middle of the sewage overflow, take extra aspirin and invest in some good earplugs!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spanked and sent to bed TMW? Are you kidding? Most of them would enjoy THAT! Even the ones that initially didn't enjoy it would end up with the contentment that comes from having actual rules enforced.

Yesterday I actually spent the workday BEHIND ENEMY LINES! That's right, I listened to NPR for six hours while I worked, OY! Once the cold fury that comes with the realization that we are subsidizing MOST of these petulant performing artists finally subsides, something entirely different occurs to you.

These leftists are the most narcissistic and self-absorbed, spoiled rotten little shits in THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!! AND YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED WHAT THEY GET NEA AND STATE & MUNICIPAL GRANTS TO DO!!

The depths of their depravity, conceit and churlishness are damned near impossible to fathom! We have a class of people that needs to be "frog marched" off a damn cliff!


4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry TMW. I should have read your entire post before I did mine. I even used one or two of the same words. You know what they say about great minds. :-)


4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know it just occured to me that the human debris I heard on NPR is the DOWNSIDE of our astonishing affluence and freedom as a country. These sickening, miserable, spoiled brats just don't occur in Africa or Central Asia in these numbers, do they?


4:23 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thou shalt NOT knock the name of this blog, Les.

1:17 PM  

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