Saturday, August 11, 2007

Morning Hee Haw...


If they get caught in a crime
or we know they lied...

if “innocent life” dies
or a family cries

if the infrastructure breaks down
or a whole state drowns

if they made 9/11 a holocaust
or the Constitution is lost

if our veterans are cheated
or our soldiers are defeated

if it’s 130 degrees
or there’s a million refugees

if America is broke
or our reputation is a joke

if the war goes on forever
or they pull the nuclear lever

if our food is polluted
or our treasury is looted

if insurgents light the wick
or poor children get sick

if our planet is choked
or the truth is cloaked

if we hang on by a thread
or our dreams are dead

if their war plan is foiled
or that we know, it’s about the oil


--That's true, and nice.

--They don't care... WE DO! It's time for some changes. Excellent poem.

--Wonderful. Simple, to the point, and it sums it all up.

--No they don't AZ, but we do.

--Thank you for sharing your creativity and obvious gift. Its always uplifting for me to see great work that comes from our anger and sadness. Most of the time its our best work.

Dear God. They actually think this grade-school drivel is poetry--and 'wonderful' poetry, at that! When reading this, I didn't know whether to start crying or laugh myself into a hernia!

This over-emotional, self-involved garbage is a staple among Democrats, Lefists, Libbies, and Loons everywhere. They think they are the only ones who 'care' about the world and the people in it--and they are eagerly prepared to think the worst about the rest of us.

Nevermind that Republicans actually give more to charities, and devote more time to others, than the Democrats do; they have to feed themselves this elitist crap in order to feel superior. Well, if that's the dose they have to take, then (in true Mike Savage style) let em take an OVERDOSE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these little dirtbags are SO worked up over the state of the nation, what are they doing about it? Forget joining the military, thats out. Volunteer at a senior citizen center maybe, or a Veterans hospital? Nah, too busy ''saving the planet from global warming''. Get a job maybe? Why do that when you can live off mom and dad or the trust fund. Besides kvetching and bitching and moaning, living in the freest society on Earth, nope, they're just too ''passionate'', too angry at Bush to do anything positive for anything or anyone. About the only good these people could do for humanity would be to become organ donors, preferably now. J'Mac.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

As a poet, it burned my eyes to read that. :o

10:04 AM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

DU called this simple-minded- kindergarten attempt at poetry...talent? Is this a joke?

10:59 AM  
Anonymous cassie said...

That was truly the worst verse, Donal!

Now we know why they have to be high at all their Goldberg Variation-type poetry readings!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous galen said...

Love the dog in your header! LOL! That poem is so bad, it makes me howl, too!

11:57 AM  

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