Thursday, October 04, 2007

Phoniness In and Out of Uniform

Phoniness In and Out of Uniform
By Ray Robison

So Rush Limbaugh called troops who oppose the war in Iraq "phony soldiers"? That's not what I heard, and I was listening to his program that day.

To me it sounded like he was talking about seminar callers who pretend to be soldiers and people who barely served in the military and/or who slandered their fellow troops by creating phony accounts of their exploits in a scramble for the adoration of fringe left antiwar groups like Media Matters. Media Matters attempts to give loud voice to these phony soldiers in an effort to disgrace the military in order to turn the public against the war and consolidate Democratic political power.

One aspect of what Rush referenced has occurred thankfully rarely. Service members who lie about what they experienced are few, but it does happen, as in the case of Jessie McBeth -- which Rush noted in that discussion. It is the actions of these men, not their political affiliations or views, that define them. Veterans who fought in any war have a profound right to decry it, which is what makes them such tasty morsels for groups like Media Matters.



Anonymous galen said...

Read Stolen Valor--it's good.

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