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Returning Soldiers Gunning For Democrats


Returning Soldiers Gunning For Democrats
By Christopher Cook

There's a new class of soldiers being made now, on the battlefields of Iraq. Let's talk a little about them, because in the upcoming decade, they are going to drive the left to levels of military-hatred that we've not seen since Vietnam.

•They are, contrary to the left's claims, not disproportionally poor. In fact, they come from higher-income backgrounds than the general American populace.

•They are also, contrary to the left's claims, not poorly educated. They have a higher average education level than the general populace.

•They are also, contrary to the left's claims, not overwhelmingly minorities, desperate to find a way out of poverty and despair. They represent, in relative demographic proportions, all of the ethnic groups of the United States. If there is any disproportional representation, it is regional: the south, midwest, and interior west have sent a greater share of their sons and daughters than the northeast or west coast. (Note that that also mirrors the red-state/blue-state divide in this country; make of that what you will.)

•They are mostly young men and women today, growing up on the battlefields of Iraq. In comparison to the average of their peers back home, they are far more responsible, clear-headed, accomplished, and even wise. They are becoming, each and every one of them, a leader in his or her own right.

•They comprise a smaller percentage of the total populace than has fought in America's previous wars. They are fighting and dying for a populace that has not had to sacrifice the way Americans have in the past. They love America and would die for their families, and all of us, to be free. Yet, at the same time, they realize that the average American is not as invested in this war as we were in the past. As one of them penned on a whiteboard in a Marine installation,
"America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war. America is at the mall."

•They are fighting and dying in a cause they believe they can win. They are, contrary to the left's propaganda, regularly thanked and welcomed by Iraqis (though to varying degrees based on location, circumstance, and date). They know they are fighting for the Iraqi people's future as well as America's security. They know the nobility and necessity of their cause. They are reenlisting in numbers that exceed retention goals, in spite of long tours and harsh conditions. They do this because they know the truth. They know the good they've done, and they know that with support from home, they can win.

•And they know that support is exactly what they are not getting. Contrary to the picture painted by the left, they are not a bunch of stupid jarheads, victims of Bush's war at best and war criminals at worst. They are smart and savvy, and they see exactly what is going on. They see the media fibricating™ a picture of Iraq that fits an agenda, but not the facts on the ground. They hear the things that are said about them by Democrat pundits and politicians. They watch as Congress plays games with their funding and their mission, all for political gain.

So, what is going to happen, as these soldiers begin to return home? Will returning back to America erase the memories of the serial betrayals, lies, and political gamesmanship of the Democrats and the media, all done at the expense of the soldiers and their mission? Will they forget about their comrades who died, who might have lived had the enemy not been emboldened by the weakness they perceived on the American home-front?

Guess what, Democrats. These young men and women are going to be coming home. They're going to be armed with the knowledge, responsibility, wisdom, and leadership ability they gained in the military. They're not going to forget what happened on the home front, and they won't forget which side of the political spectrum did it to them.

And they're going to be running for office.

It'll be just a few at first, but their numbers will grow as more return home and get settled. They are the next generation of America's leaders, and unlike the 60s set, they did not grow up smoking doobies, dodging the draft, and generally setting about the task of eroding the foundations of civilization. They will not be Democrats, by and large. They have been steeled by the fire of combat, and after jihadis, IEDs, scorpions, and 130 degree heat, they will be eating their Democrat opponents for breakfast.

Take a good look, baby-boomers... your time is coming to an end. The soldiers are coming home, they know what you did last summer, and they'll be taking over now, thank you very much. (snip)

There are even a few old Republicans who need to---and will---move aside sooner rather than later. But by-and-large, this new generation is going to be gunning for Democrats, and over the next decades, a lot is going to change. Don't expect the Democrats to go quietly, or to pass the torch with a smile. These soldiers represent not only the face of everything they've hated for thirty years, they also represent the face of their electoral doom.

Imagine the Democrats' hatred for all things military as a seething, roiling liquid contained in a cast-iron cauldron. Six years ago or so, they put a lid on that cauldron, hoping to conceal the angry stew within. Now, imagine that lid being blown off forcefully, by an explosion of fermenting rage, and you're beginning to get a picture of what's going to happen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is the case! Those troops that pay attention to politics must feel awfully betrayed by the party of Reid, Kennedy, Schumer, and Pelosi.


11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the most uplifting pieces I've read in awhile. Can't wait!

Or should I say,can we afford to wait?


12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It only ''sucks'' to be a "Republican'' anonymus when one isn't a "republican''. The Dems, if they are ever made to, are going to have a lot to answer for and its to these men and women they'll have to answer to for all the ''support'' they recieved. J'Mac.

1:34 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I say AMEN to them--and more power to them--they have my blessing. My/our generation was infested and partially ruined by the hippies and flower children, war protesters and Jon Carry's of the world.

The next generation that grew up old enough to see the folly of those years and the stupidity of those people--and who were instilled with the values the rest of us still hold--will lead the way out.

5:33 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ANONYMOUS--You won't use slurs of the conservative party on my blog. You won't say anything 'sucks'--you wanna be vulgar, go to your mother's house--I'm in no mood for sniveling Demmie whiners.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw this starting more than 2 years ago. Our military is not the "poor, dumb, unemployable" the dhimmicrat party makes them out to be. The Dem party is about to start it's slide into unimportance.

7:40 PM  

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