Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NBC's Williams Tells Grads U.S. Broken, 'Need You to Fix the Country'

NBC's Williams Tells Grads U.S. Broken, 'Need You to Fix the Country'
By Brent Baker

Delivering the commencement address Sunday at Ohio State University in Columbus, where we was awarded an honorary Doctor of Journalism degree, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams implied America is broken as he told the graduates: “We need you to fix the country.”

That clip, squeezed in between Al Gore at Carnegie Mellon and Martin Sheen at Notre Dame, aired as part of an annual compilation of commencement advice
run at the end of Monday's NBC Nightly News. NBC also aired this from Williams: “We need you all now to step up. And every adult in this place has every faith that you're up to the job.”

Video of a commencement story
on the Web site of NBC's Columbus affiliate, WCMH-TV, featured a longer version of the line from Williams: “We need you to fix the country -- and I'm sorry to ask this of you.” In another soundbite aired by the local station, Williams paraphrased Bill Clinton: “There is nothing wrong with America that someone from Ohio State can't fix. Go get them OH!”



Absolute hogwash! The hubris with which they pronounce America afflicted is surpassed only by their arrogance in thinking they are needed to fix it! America is the greatest country on earth. We are no more in decline then we are made of green cheese. The only thing in which it might be said we have a failing is in the patriotism of these unnecessary, unproductive, and self-centered citizens.

Like Michelle Obama, if you are unable to be proud of this country, if you feel as if we are some kind of decline because you are not getting your political way about something, or because we're not some communist utopia (which have never been utopias), then that is on you. You are what is diminished in our country; our country is not diminished in what it offers you, or any of us--or the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're in decline all right. If that were not true, we wouldn't be running candidates like Obama, Hillary and McCain, and we wouldn't have run and then barely elected a tongue-tied ignoramus like GWB, who ran against worse idiots like Gore and Kerry.

Worse yet, we have a parlor pink nitwit like Pelosi in a position of permanent incumbency.

"Womanpower" has brought us low, and will cause our extinction as a significant force for good. Our undoing began the day women got the vote.

A woman's place is in the home.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if I had a choice between eliminating womens suffrage or imposing term limits, I would go with the term limits.

Harry Reid, Charlie Rangle, Barney Frank....these people all encompass what is wrong with the country, and I'm pretty sure they're men, by the strict definition.


12:31 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Nonsense--if you're going to be ruled by a head, then you have the right to vote them in or out. What part of democracy don't you understand?

Rabid feminism is one thing--decent human rights for all is another. Mr. Brave Anon., get your priorities straight; GWB is not a fool. You folks led around by the MSM and believing every bit of it, may be. Don't disparage a man who has kept you and yours--and our America--safe for the last 7-8 years.

No Democrat has done that.

2:08 PM  
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