Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Bandit" Needs To Steal A Brain:


FROM DU: How Do Chemical Weapons Cause Mass Destruction?

They don't even kill as many people as do high explosive weapons but they certainly don't cause any destruction at all. What does cause Mass Destruction is the MAABs that are currently being used in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The whole purpose of those twenty thousand pound bombs they call mother of all bombs or MAABs is destruction. Mass Destruction. Why are Americans soooo stupid????? (Bandit)

This chap needs
to study the earliest transmission of plague in the Crimea before Henry VIII that spread and decimated Europe, what a simple fungus did to the country of Ireland, the mustard gases and trench warfare of WWI, the spread of sarin gas in the Tokyo subway, what ricin can do to someone, and the anthrax attacks on the United States after 9/11--and then he needs to take a look at what some of the worst dictators have tried to do in the recent past.

P.S. Somebody tell Genius Boy that Zyklon-B was just a 'chemical', too.

If you ever wonder why the d'Rats just don't 'get it', maybe this kind of stupidity is why!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This empty-headed little twit is a sterling example of among other things kids are ignorant of like basic economics,basic math and history,basic science is also a mystery to a generation like this."Like dude,ok,like how does like gas an' stuff kill people,like if you don't breathe it or something? "its like all lies."Bush lied about it dude.''This same crowd is part and parcel of a school of rather voiceifrous thought that says its immpossible to bring down a modern high-rise buliding with a commerical airliner,weighing several dozen tons,loaded with high-octane,highly flammable,highly expolsive jet feul,travling at almost 500 mph.Nope,can't happen,unless george bush made it happen.Or he lied about it.I get sick at heart with these people and sometimes angry and depressed with myself because what I'd like to do with morons like this would be to beat them senseless,or knock some into them.Johnnymac.

5:54 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

We beat them in 2000, and 2004, and I think we're gonna beat 'em in '06 and '08! Keep a good thought!

9:10 PM  
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